The Artist Personally Selected by Steve Vai as the winner of the Steve Vai/Ibanez guitar challenge!
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Imagine this if you will…
You experience strange ET Contact & happenings your entire life.
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050Anunnaki Cosmic 432 Hz Sacred Geometry Energy Healing Disks

Check out our beautiful selection of Crystal Healing Disks.
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Anunnaki 432 Hertz Healing Crystal Disks! – “Divine Frequencies Made Visible” – Michael Lee Hill

I have been kinda guided I guess you could say to make these “Divine Frequencies Made Visible” Energy Disks. I have created a individual Crystal disk for every note of the Pythagorean tuned musical scale (Diapason A 432 Hz) and each notes accurate encoded sacred/Sonic geometry. The Actual Sonic Note/Frequency Sacred Geometry Image is then […]