Michael Lee Hill - Rainbow Warrior Eagle speaks on: THE "CONCEPTS" OF GOD

How Concepts of God Have Developed


I would just ask a really good question that is you know one of my concepts of God and I gotta say I was agnostic up until my awakening but where I really found my belief in a creator was when I started to learn about sacred geometry you know I started to learn that everything from the atom to galaxies are hearing to the very specific geometry the golden mean Fibonacci sequences and it's just not on earth it's anywhere you know it seems like the whole creation is adhering to this very specific geometry and that's why it's called sacred and to me it's like finding the fingerprint of God because it absolutely can't be coincidental and so then I started to have my own belief in a creator but I'll say I don't try to put labels around what the Creator is I think at this point in my evolution if I did try to come to conclusion

I would probably be wrong I've heard it said it's kind of like we're a fly in a 747 and as much as that fly tries to figure out what it's a part of even if it does come up with a conclusion more than likely it's going to be wrong so I think at this point of my evolution saying that I know what God or the Creator is it's truly just putting chains around the possibilities of what the Creator is the second part of that question was what do I think of Jesus and I think Jesus is exactly who he said he was I think I think some big parts of his message have been they seem to go right past people's heads and that's when he said these things I do one day you will do an even greater he didn't put himself on a pedestal and you know say I'm the only way and Here I am he said you will do these miracles as well and and I think you know when you look at you know some people know that Jesus came from a specific bloodline that king of David and so there is others of that bloodline as well we can just leave it at that but I think he's a profound spiritual teacher and there's been many enlightened beings who have come here to help us remember that you know thoughts create reality and be mindful

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