Here are some of the Answers to your Questions


What are the specifications or Dimensions of it?

A: The Disks are 3 to 6 inches across with a depth of 1/4 inch approximately



Do you offer them in different sizes?

A: We currently have them in 3" and 6" variants



How will the customer receive the package?

A: Each piece is shipped in its own cool black skin looking pouch in a bubble wrap envelope 



Do you have general instructions on how to use it?

A: There are so many uses which you are allowed to explore as you see fit.  

Here are just some of them:

a.     Use it as a coaster to restructure water, 7 seconds will do the trick

b.     Use it to clear Chakra centres by waving it in a circular motion about 1 inch away from each of the 7 Chakra on the human body

c.      Put it under your pillow to evoke lucid dreaming and initiate "Contact"

d.     Find an easel to place it in your window frames to bring healing 432 Hz energies into a living space.

e.     And so much more!!! The application is endless!!!