Anunnaki Communication - Cosmic 432 Hz & Cymatics - The Science Of Making Sound/Frequency Visible!

Natural Frequency of the Universe

People know now that there is a cosmic frequency of 432 Hertz that is encoded into the pyramids that this information was given to us a long time ago. but, people haven't decoded it what I can tell you is they can go through just like a radio station from low frequencies to high you're going through there's noise then you tune into a station and then there's more noise as you move away from it then there's another station the same way you go through this container of water and you put a waveform generator through it you start with low frequencies and you just do a sweep to high frequencies well you'll see at certain times.
Perfect geometry is formed by nothing but vibration and frequency well when you get to 432 there's a specific pattern that is created and it's not random every single time you hit 432 this exact same pattern is produced and it is the inky crop-circle I'm a creative technologist and the the focus of my work is on public installations and one of my driving passions is this idea of exploring nature and trying to find hidden data within nature and it seems to me that there's this latent potential everywhere all around as everything gives out some kind of data whether it's sound or smell or vibration and through my work I've been trying to find ways to harness and unveil all this and so this basically ed me to a subject called cymatics now


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