The Anunnaki are Communicating! Cosmic Harmonious Frequencies & Free Energy Through Crop Circles!

How Do They Communicate With Us? 

Could hoaxers have created all 5000 of these patterns?

Could a few people with ropes and boards have created something as complex and beautiful as this one made in the dead of night, in a driving rain and leaving no footprints in the soil?

Out of all the evidence for the existence of UFOs, one extraordinary phenomenon continues to astonish and inspire me, the appearance throughout the world of so-called crop circles.

These elaborate designs appear mysteriously swirled into crops of grain in such a way that the stalks are bent over yet remain alive more than 5000 of these patterns have appeared in over 30 countries most of them in England.

The media has led many people including me at first to write these crop patterns off as hoaxes the nighttime work of a few pranksters of course there have been faked versions but those made by human hands are crude compared to the vast majority of these elegant creations.

The electromagnetic field over the area where the crops been laid down to create the image is often electrostatically-charged. Some of these areas are littered with strange magnetic particles.

One of the most amazing crop designs is not a circle but a rectangle that seems to be a direct response to a message sent out into space in 1974. The message was a radio signal depicting our planet's location in our solar system and Earth's people in hopes that it might be received and interpreted by an extraterrestrial intelligence 27 years later.

In 2001, this crop design appeared in England along with what could be a self-portrait of the sender. This message matches the format of the NASA signal and describes a different solar system from ours. A picture of the sender, non-human DNA and a microwave antenna they apparently used to communicate rather than the radio antenna that we used. The antenna symbol had appeared a year earlier in exactly the same field.

Ancient Anunnaki Technology