432 Sacred Knowledge!

“What is going on here? We have all these different things: Earth cycles, time and celestial measurements, geometry, and frequency. Yet they are all represented by the same numbers over and over again.”

“It’s almost as if the Sky God visitors, who the Sumerians called the Annunaki, provided humanity with a counting system that would lead to the discovery of these synchronicities.”

“Could it be that the number 432 really is some kind of cosmic key that unlocked a language of higher understanding? And if so, have these sky visitors ever come back to make sure we don’t miss the importance of the 432 matrix?”

The key factors are:

A, 60 and 12 based math - Sumerian and Babylonian mathematics which was based on a sexegesimal, or base 60, numeric system, which could be counted physically using the twelve knuckles on one hand the five fingers on the other hand.

60 and 12 based math

First off 12 X 60 = 720 (72 - remember this number for later)

B - Time Itself, The idea of dividing large whole units by 12 is a common theme the Ancients left us with, smaller divisions would be by 60

1 second X 60 = 1 minute

1 minute X 60 = 1 Hour

One hour X 12 = 12 hours of day & 12 hours of night, AM and PM

how many seconds are in 12 hours?

43,200 (432)

How many seconds are in an entire day?

86,400 (864 - 1 octave above 432)

C - The Earth’s 25,920-year precessional cycle
25,920 - year precessional cycle
divided by 60 = 432

25,920 - year precessional cycle
divided by 12 = 2160 (216 - 1 octave below 432)

The Precession of the equinoxes = 25,920 yrs = (360° rotation)

If the sky is divided into 12 constellations:
(25,920 / 12 = 2,160)

(Note: 6 x 10 x 6 = 360 and 360 x 6 = 2,160) one octave below 432 Hz

A New sign appears on the horizon each 2,160 yrs (30°)

Note: (2 x 2,160 or 12 x 360 = 4,320 yrs)

Therefore to move 1° on the horizon = 72 yrs. (approx).
The following numbers can therefore be regarded as precessionary cycle encoded numbers:
(12 ... 30 ... 72 ... 360 ... 2,160 ... 4,320 and 25,920)

72? First off 12 X 60 = 720 (72 - remember I said remember this number for later)

D. - The physics of the creation of our own solar system
The diameter of the sun is 864,000 miles (2 x 432). The diameter of the moon is 2160 miles (432/2).

When I tell you that 432 Hz squared becomes light and our reality is entirely made up of this light, this is not new age mumbo jumbo, It's science fact.

Let me explain, Pythagoras figured out how to find the lower accurate octave frequency or Hertz.

just divide any given frequency by 2

So middle A= 432 Hz

One octave below A = 432 HZ would be 432 divided by 2 or 216 Hz

Two octaves below A= 432 HZ would be 216 Hz divided by 2 or 108 Hz

So 432 216 108 54 27 are all octaves of A= 432 Hz

Please remember these numbers of 216 & 108 (Lower Octaves of 432 HZ)

so this is a cool coincidence:

The dimensions of the great pyramid correspond to
the dimensions of our planet at a scale 1 to 432,000 (great pyramid : earth @ 1 : 432,000 scale)

Original height of great pyramid = 481.3949 feet
481.3949 feet * 432,000 = 207,962,596.8 feet = 3,938.685 miles

3,938.685 miles = polar radius of earth (minus about 11 miles, or an error of about 0.2%)

Base perimeter of great pyramid = 3,023.16 feet
3,023.16 feet * 432,000 = 1,306,005,120 feet = 24,734.94 miles

24,734.94 miles = equatorial circumference of earth ( minus about 70 miles, or an error of about 0.6%)

Wow This just happened, I was thinking the outer casing of the pyramid has been removed so do we know the actual real side angle? And I began to be guided by spirit for answers
Spirit just led me to info from Graham Hancock who stated the following..(Imagine That ) .
"The Great Pyramid Ratio and how the GP's physical dimensions before any variations occur (Socket Block Heights) fits the bill perfectly..
Surly there is a message here?
51.84° is one angle and 51.86° is another for the Great Pyramid!
- Graham Hancock
Spirit then told me, Michael... subtract the hidden Great Pyramid side angle of 51.428 that only reveals itself twice a year from Graham Hancock's 's new Great Pyramid side angle of the the outer angle of 51.86

51.86 - 51.428 = 432 !!!!!!!

432 & 9 ...and Time?

let's start with 432
24 hours in a day
12 hours in half a day
720 minutes in half a day
4320 seconds in half a day
Seconds in a minute = 60
minutes in an hour = 60
60 * 432 = 25,920

(interesting fact: another strange coincidence [just one of many that include the moon] is that if the sun were not 400x larger than the moon, and ALSO 400x further away from earth than the moon is, we would not have total solar eclipses or total lunar eclipses)

approximate speed of light = 186,000 miles per second
432 * 432 = 186,624 (an error of about 0.1%)

E . - And how A,B,C, and D are all encoded with 432 Hz mathematics and physics,

I have proved all this above,

There is no doubt we are living in a 432 Hz based frequency reality" from the time system we use to the Earth's 25,920 -

year precessional cycle to the actual dimensions of the celestial objects in our solar system that was created, or programmed.

The 432 Hz connection between the Processional Cycle and hyper dimensional physics, how energy works and flows through multiple dimensions and how it's all coded into the Processional Cycle.

A pilot named George Van Tassel. He calmly claimed to regularly meet with extraterrestrials who look like ordinary human beings in the 50s. One of the things he learned from them was a mathematical equation that unlocked the means to time travel.

f =1/t, or frequency = 1/time

insert the number for One Great Year described by the Mayans, 25,920 years, in the place of the one. Then, the number 60 is inserted for time.

Once more, the number 432 emerges.

Amazing huh?

Michael Lee Hill - Ea - Rainbow warrior Eagle