Boyd Bushman (Lockheed Martin Senior Scientist) Was The Real Deal And How I Know This To Be True.

Former Lockheed Martin Engineer Boyd Bushman Deathbed Confession, Provides Evidence of Alien Contact

Boyd Bushman (Lockheed Martin Senior Scientist), who died Aug. 7, 2014 revealed in a filmed interview before his death what he says is information about, and photos of, aliens and alien spacecraft he obtained as a senior scientist at Lockheed Martin.

U.S. patents filed by Boyd Bushman include mention of his work at Lockheed Martin, a prominent technology contractor for the U.S. government, supporting to some degree his identification as a former employee. His designs include a system to detect aircraft or missile exhaust plumes, a metal detection system, and an apparatus for detecting radiation.

Actual Document shown to David Sereda in 2008 by Lockheed Martin Senior Scientist Boyd Bushman showing the first reverse engineered craft from Roswell craft that 1st flew in the late 50′s!

The interview was uploaded to YouTube by Mark Q. Patterson, whom the New York Daily News identifies as an independent aerospace engineer. During the interview, Bushman said that he had top-secret clearance. He showed photos purportedly taken of aliens and he described the aliens. These aliens are from Quintonia (spelled phonetically from the video), he said, which is 68 light years from Earth. Bushman said it should take at least 68,000 years to travel to Quintonia if a spacecraft cannot go faster than the speed of light, as Albert Einstein decreed. These aliens, however, were able to make the trip in 45 minutes, Bushman said.

The thing is though that Boyd Bushman deathbed confessional has been labeled a hoax because it is said that the ET Boyd shows is claimed to be only a Walmart Doll.

I know Boyd Bushman is the real deal. Let me share why.

I had shared the following information regarding a meeting with some deep insiders (Anunnaki) back in 2008 regarding the Boyd Bushman testimony with UFO researcher and author Martha Jette years ago, long before the Boyd Bushman Deathbed confessional filmed in 2014.

From Martha’s book: Terror In The Night I – Alien Abduction Exposed! 

While people are fascinated with the Lake Erie UFO videos and they have garnered much media attention, Michael said the more important aspect of his alien/UFO experiences is the contact he has developed with the Annunaki. “During that first meeting with ‘them,’ which I believe now to be the Marduk led remnants, the Boyd Bushman subject was brought out first and it was not done in a gentle way. Their fangs came out if you know what I mean.”

I am releasing the following information because I believe it needs to be known and these are all my own words, please keep in mind that at this time I had no knowledge of the Anunnaki or anything much to do with the Anunnaki, I had never read any Sitchin books or anything like that, so this is written from that view point. I had a face to face meeting with the Ruling “Family” of the Anunnaki, They told me they had been known in the past as the Anunnaki and that they wanted to discuss a “Change in Anunnaki Leadership” and the next coarse of action regarding the Human race for the Age of Aquarius, The conversation really dealt with if Humanity was ready for open Contact with the Anunnaki and other ET’s.

I must tell you, At that point in my life, I have never read anything on the Anunnaki, I had heard of Planet X but never gave it much thought really, I figured if it was real, It will one day be present in our Sky, so I took a “time will tell” approach to the whole subject.

Let me explain how this all went down, I was at a Festival, There was a forest site which had a Round Gazebo that they had named the “I dream of Genie Bottle” because that is what it looked like from the inside, It was a round structure with a round bed inside with beautiful fabrics making up the whole interior, it was actually very disorienting when you got on the inside, sometimes I couldn’t find the door back out. Anyway, He and I return to the Camp site and he immediately says “There are some people waiting in the “Genie Bottle” who have been waiting to meet you. I thought that was very strange and was excited just who it may be.

I entered the tent and seen two people lounging on the Bed, A Male And Female but what was strange is that I could not see there faces, I don’t know if it was the lighting but I could see everything up to there necks then it was all shadow and I could make out no faces at all.


The male asked me to sit down, so I took the Chair/Bean Bag directly in front if their circular couch they were on and He then left the “Genie Bottle” . The Male asked me to tell a little about myself, He asked me if I had performed any of the ritual’s going on at the grounds that night, He asked me if I walked the “Labyrinth” which I didn’t and really had no knowledge of what it even was and told him so, he then asked me, Why are you here then?

You know what is going on here right?

I told him I don’t buy into any of this “Ritual” stuff, he then said, that is great, me neither.

He went on to say there was a Young man on the Coast to Coast AM Radio show named David Sereda that was talking about testimony from a Senior Scientist from Lockheed Martin who’s name was Boyd Bushman, He said this “Boyd Bushman” information being released has upset many insider people, and if I knew anything about this? Well, this freaked me out, first of all that Information was released in David Sereda’s & my movie “From Here To Andromeda”, I told him, yes, I know something about, it’s in my film. He seemed really shocked and asked who brought this person to me? Some threats were thrown out towards me & Boyd if I remember correctly.

This leader figure told me he worked with a group of people who decided what will be released to the public regarding the ET subject and that he was an actual family member of the J. Allen Hynek Family and this “family” was still in control of what alien related info is released to the masses on the subject, and he went on to tell me that this Boyd Bushman info was not on the list, He went on to say we had created a lot of problems for them “behind the scenes” and created a lot of finger pointing as to how exactly this information was released.

They were super pissed this Boyd Bushman testimony ever made it into the public. When he asked me how this “From Here To Andromeda” DVD ever came into existence?

I told him I willed that DVD into manifestation and I thought it was BS that this info was being withheld from humanity. My response seemed to puzzle him greatly. This Anunnaki leader figure then stated, “Michael, we need to know what you know” and they brought out a wand that had what looked like a bright purple LED at the end of it, and it seemed almost to be kinda like a laser pointer. He pointed it directly at my pineal gland/3rd eye area. They had what appeared to be shiney flashing instruments and laser pointers and they told me they were going to remove some memory blocks. When they finished which was not painful in any way, I was then told by the male leader figure “I have heard you wanted to meet with us?

And that you have filmed our craft flying over Lake Erie?”

One of many strange lights Michael has seen over Lake Erie.

A.R. Bordon (NSA/Lockheed Skunkworks Insider) Indicated the following to me…,“The “mental” procedures you said to have been exposed to, involving light etc., are far more commonly used now and there are other ways besides lie detectors to know whether and what a person does or does not know.”

According to historical records, Marduk was a god of ancient Mesopotamia and the patron deity of the City of Babylon. In Zecharia Sitchin’s book The Wars of Gods And Men, Marduk is believe to have given Babylonian King Hammurabi a powerful weapon around 1800 B.C. with which to defeat his enemies. However, the Assyrian kings, who claimed power and weapons were granted from their own gods, overtook Babylon. This occurred because Marduk became angry with its king and people, and decreed, “seventy years shall be the measure of its desolation.” When the Assyrian empire fell about 614 B.C., Marduk ordered Nebuchadnezzar II of Egypt to “march his army westward.”

Boyd Bushman is a retired senior research engineer who worked for Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, Texas Instruments and Hughes Aircraft. He is believed to be the inventor of the Stinger missile. He holds a 1999 patent for an apparatus that can amplify a magnetic beam. He has researched antigravity technology and gravity manipulation through the use of magnetic fields. Boyd has spoken out about Area 51 and the advanced propulsion systems that that he said have been tested there through a black budget research program. According to Ben Rich, former head of Lockheed, “We now know how to travel to the stars. The Air Force has just given us a contract to take ET back home.”

Apparently, the Marduk Led Annunaki were not at all pleased by the release of this information. “This leader figure told me he worked for a group of people who decided what would be released, that he was an actual family member of the J. Allen Hynek family and this family was still in control of what is released, and the Boyd Bushman info was not on the list.

SECRET UFO Propulsion Systems – Senior Lockheed Martin Research Scientist Boyd

Dr. Josef Allen Hynek was an astrologer, professor and UFO researcher. He was the science advisor on UFOs for the U.S. Air Force for Project Sign, Project Grudge and Project Blue Book. Afterward, he conducted his own private UFO research and is known for developing the Close Encounter classification system. He also has a web site called The Center for UFO Studies.

Hynek was a typical UFO skeptic when he first became involved with the strange phenomenon. However, his views changed drastically over the years. At the First International UFO Congress in Chicago in 1977, he stated: “I do believe,” he said, “that the UFO phenomenon as a whole is real but I do not mean necessarily that its just one thing. We must ask whether the diversity of observed UFOs.. all spring from the same basic source…We must not ask what hypothesis can explain the most facts but we must ask, which hypothesis can explain the most puzzling facts. There is sufficient evidence to defend both the ETI (extraterrestrial intelligence) and the EDI (extra-dimensional intelligence) hypothesis.”

My point is why would these “Marduk led Anunnaki Insiders” who decide what ET related information get’s released to the masses tell me back in 2008 they had an issue with us revealing Boyd Bushman’s testimony in David Sereda’s & my film “From Here To Andromeda” if Boyd Bushman was not the real deal?

Michael Lee Hill

Ancient Anunnaki Technology