Edgar Cayce Proves Eastlake, OH is Home of the The Nephilim Mound Builders

100% Proof Edgar Cayce was correct! Eastlake, Ohio is Home of the The Nephilim “Mound Builders” - One of the Fabled Lost Nations / Tribes

Imagine this, if you will…

You experience strange ET Contact & happenings your entire life. “They” begin to communicate through telepathy leading you to Cosmic Spiritual Truths regarding how Thought Create Reality subject matter. They begin to reveal themselves in the Physical in Orbs Of Light/Plasma over Lake Erie. They allow you to film them. Your footage goes viral gaining worldwide attention.

Your footage lands you on a prime time TV show called UFO Hunters on the History Channel. On the episode, They decide to test your blood and it is revealed you do not have normal human blood, The UFO Hunters uncover a very rare blood anomaly/bloodline that the world’s best military and civilian doctors are at a loss to explain? The host of the show, legendary UFO Researcher Bill Birnes, goes on to say, “I’ve got a funny feeling that you are being recruited and there is a branch of the government that you’re being recruited for – that somehow, some way, you are a hybrid between “ET” and humans. And they are giving you a course of study preparing you to meet your ET higher self.” Soon After the airing of this show You are indeed contacted by this branch of the government called the Labyrinth Group and offered a course of study.Then you are met by beings claiming to be ET’s and and these beings announce themselves as the Anunnaki, which is a term at that point in time you didn’t even know the meaning of. These Anunnaki tell you that you yourself are an Anunnaki incarnated into the Nephilim “Royal” Human/Anunnaki Hybrid Bloodline? And then this secret branch of the government begins to inform and guide you to information to make sense out of all of this?

Welcome to my world!

These UFO/Orbs have been appearing over Lake Erie for a few several years now. These lights are certainly not stars or conventional craft, they hover for great period of time, change color and seem to appear & disappear in an instant.

John Ventre (Host of History Channels “Hanger 1″) and others are convinced the key to Extra Terrestrial Disclosure may be Lake Erie! About half of all UFO sightings are around bodies of water, he said. Lake Erie, the accepted thinking goes, could be a base camp for UFOs that hide submerged beneath the surface, Ventre said. During their submerged state, they are referred to as USOs, or Unidentified Submerged Objects.

“Ah, the Earth Mounds and the pyramids and the Serpent Mound in that valley? It’s all about the Anunnaki being in that area now with evidence going back hundreds of years. You know what’s down below in places in central and southern Ohio? There is an access point to what looked like small cities down and off 75 (Right Patterson Air Force Base). Living quarters carved into soft stone and granite in part. Large round central area. I’d estimate it to be about 200-300 feet below surface.Visited the site with him in 07.” AR  Bordon  (Secret Lockheed Martin Skunkworks Reverse Engineering Division)

Let me share a little additional Information regarding my UFO/Contact case from some of the most respected names in Ufology!

The Lake Erie UFO Case: an Outstanding Report! — Whitley Strieber (November 19, 2012)

It’s not often that a UFO case gets such expert treatment as is seen here in this deeply researched and careful analysis of the Michael Lee Hill Lake Erie UFO case. Noteworthy is the fact that a documentary that was being done by Spike TV on Hill was abruptly cancelled by ‘higher authorities.’ As many who have gone down that same road know, all too often, UFO related projects are abruptly cancelled for unknown reasons by media at every level. It is hard to believe that some sort of intervention from the outside is routinely suppressing sensible and positive stories about this subject. — Whitley Strieber (November 2012)

William Birnes (UFO Hunters — History Channel — NY Times Best Selling Author) recently released a new book titled “UFO Hunters Season One” the book which features a chapter on the Michael Lee Hill personal ET contact case, This was due to being featured in the episode “Alien Contact” on the History Channel “UFO Hunters” TV show which detailed the the events surrounding two separate contactee’s lives and revealed some amazing revelations regarding ET/Human hybrids that was backed up by scientific medical testing performed by Harvard Professor named David Systrom.

“Of all the episodes in season 1 (UFO Hunters) it was the “Alien Contact” episode that, I believe, defined the show. The “Alien Contact” Episode became the the essence of UFO Hunters. Also Ironically enough, it was that same moment in episode 109 “Alien Contact” that got the show renewed for a second season. If you watch the show you know what I am talking about: The moment I turned to Terrell Copeland and suggested he was an alien hybrid. At which point Pat Uskert freaked out” — William Birnes

Michael Lee Hill is an award winning musician, filmographer and UFO experiencer. His footage of the Lake Erie UFO’s has created a Billy Meier like buzz and this unassuming rocker seems to have developed an intuitive relationship with these craft. In his home state of Ohio, Michael has been cataloging video after video of UFO’s over Lake Erie. What makes these different than most sightings is that the phenomena consists almost entirely of ‘Pulsating orb’s of light’ characteristics. Unusual lights seen changing colors, converging, and separating over the lake. Stories of the unexplained phenomena date back over 150 years to the indigenous tribes. Michael’s Lake Erie UFO footage has been featured on The Discovery Channel, Fox News, MSNBC, CBS News, Coast to Coast AM, Rense.com, hbccufo.org and in the feature film’s “UFO’s unplugged with Dan Aykroyd”, And David Sereda’s latest film From Here To Andromeda which Michael also co-produced. Michael has most recently been featured on the History Channel’s “UFO’s Hunters” show and filmed a pilot for a Alien/UFO based show for Spike TV in 2012 that was never aired for various reasons. — The Unified Field (CKDU) Radio

Michael Lee Hill Presents – The Complete Lake Erie UFO’s Compilation! – 1080p HD

Edgar Cayce predicted what I have learned about my Nephilim Mound Builder Indian heritage from the Anunnaki themselves and today’s top medical science.

I recently found out I have Native American Indian Heritage DNA Haplogroup X in late 2008, I found out when I met my Biological Mother for the first time in my life that I am of Iroquois (Seneca) on my mothers side, and Erie Montaukett or Montauk Indian on my Fathers side!

Many of you know why this information is so important to me. The history channel revealed on the show UFO Hunters TV show that I do not have normal human blood by a Harvard Professor names David Systrom, Here is that History Channel show…

That episode UFO Hunters episode (Alien Contact) first aired early 2008, I was soon met by the Anunnaki face to face in the summer of 2008 and they told me that they wanted to clear up what the History Channel had revealed to the world regarding my blood anomaly, That I was of the Nephilim Bloodline (Anunnaki/Elohim/Human Hybrid) and I would know what this all meant in the not so distance future. Well all the pieces are coming together it now seems.

At this time in my life I had NOT yet met my Biological Mother and had no clue of my Native American Indian heritage or what an Anunnaki even was.

What has recently blown my mind is that Edgar Cayce predicted exactly this! That Iroquois Indians are the remnants of the “Mound Buiilders” of Ancient American history , which Cayce reveals were the remnants of the Atlantians or Poseidons as Edgar Cayce called them. (Enki-ites)

Not to be blunt, but this is the revealing of the Nephilim Bloodline through the North America Native Indians with DNA evidence in the form of Haplogroup X which is a recently disovered (1997) Human DNA group which is mainly only found in the sometimes giant skeletal remains removed from Ancient American Earth Mounds, Ancient Egypt and still today in the Iroquois tribe of Indians.

What surprised me is the recent knowledge that Edgar Cayce predicted all of this in his reading on exactly who the Mound Builders were!!!!

Anthropologists once believed North and South America had initially been populated by Asians crossing a land bridge connecting Asia and Alaska during the last Ice Age, some 20,000 years ago. However, recent genetic DNA analysis of Native Americans now places the initial wave of migration between 38,000 to 50,000 years ago.

Genetic DNA analysis can trace the ethnic tribal lineage, and thereby land of the origin, of a human being.

Native American tribes contain four distinct DNA groupings, designated A, B, C and D. These groupings are found in Asia but not in Europe or Africa. While 96 percent of all indigenous natives in North and South America fall within A, B, C and D, there was a mysterious four percent, dubbed Group X, which could not be explained.Type X subjects were not found in the vast majority of tribes, including none in South America. It was also determined Type X subjects arrived in North America 10,000 to 38,000 years ago, later than the other groups.

By far, the highest concentration of Type X in Europe was found in the Basques, a race of Caucasians who live in the Pyrenees Mountains between Spain and France. And the highest frequency of Type X in the entire world was found in the Berbers, a race of Caucasians who live in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco in North Africa.

The Basques and Berbers have long puzzled anthropologists, linguists and historians because they don’t seem to fit into their continental surroundings.

However, independent researchers of the Association of Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.), followers of Edgar Cayce, have come forward and made a few observations of their own.

Known as the Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) is considered by many to have been America’s foremost psychic. Throughout his lifetime he performed over 14,000 readings while in a self-induced trance. Although delving into many subjects, 8,976 of his readings, transcribed onto 900,000 pages of notes, were devoted to medical problems, a majority of which were resolved, often advancing current medical technology.

Cayce’s readings were always recorded by a stenographer. To do a medical reading on a subject, all he needed was the subject’s pre-arranged location at the time of the reading.

On one occasion, Cayce went into a trance and declared that the subject was not at the location where he was supposed to be at the time. It was later determined that the subject had forgotten about the meeting and was indeed not at the pre-arranged location at the prescribed time. On another occasion, Cayce was to do a reading for a ship’s captain who was at sea. When Cayce went into his trance, he realized the fellow could not speak English, so he did the entire reading in fluent German, a language he had no knowledge of when awake.
Clearly, Edgar Cayce had a unique talent, although he claimed that everyone had the capability to do the same.

In addition to medical inquiries, people would often slip in questions about the past
or the future.

An extremely high percentage of Cayce’s “predictions” of the future have come true. And now the genetic DNA analysis findings of Type X may actually lend additional credence to his psychic readings as well.

Many of Edgar Cayce’s readings concerned the island continent of Atlantis, the fabled empire located beyond the Pillars of Hercules (presumably the Rocks of Gibraltar in the western Mediterranean), as thoroughly detailed in Plato’s TIMAEUS, that fell into the sea.

Cayce’s readings described three separate disasters that befell Atlantis.

The first catastrophe happened in 50,700 BC, caused by an explosion of gas pockets within the earth that triggered volcanoes and earthquakes, generated a magnet pole shift on the planet and produced a great Ice Age.

The second catastrophe occurred in 28.000 BC, coinciding with the Biblical account of Noah and the Great Flood. After the deluge, the continent had been broken into three main islands: Aryaz in the east (present day Azores Island group), Poseidia in the north (West Indies area), and Og in the south (near South America).

The final catastrophe took place in 10,600 BC. There were gigantic land upheavals upon the earth and the remaining land mass of Posedia and Aryaz (except for the mountain peaks) disappeared into the seas.

The Cayce readings indicated the Atlanteans had been forced to relocate to various distant lands during the catastrophes, specifically to the Pyrenees Mountains (between Spain and France), Morocco (Atlas Mountains), Egypt (where they built the pyramids) and North America (where they formed the Iroquois nation). All Type X locations.

In North America, the highest concentration of Type X lineage was found within the Iroquois nation (Ojibway, Oneota and Nuu-Chah-Nulth tribes). Cayce also reported some Atlanteans went on to the American Southwest and Midwest. The Navajo (Southwest) and mound builder region (Midwest) also contain some Type X subjects.

The bottom line — everywhere Edgar Cayce (psychic readings) claimed the Atlanteans settled after their land disappeared has a high unaccountable occurrence of a specific DNA type (type X) found nowhere else on this planet.

This isn’t exactly scientific proof of the prior existence of Atlantis, but we live in a very strange universe where everything is a sign that holds a mystery.
Edgar Cayce had the ability to link to the Universal Consciousness, also called the Akashic Records.

His readings are mysteries to be unraveled.

Why is Ohio the place with the most frequent UFO sightings in America?

I think when in the near future when it is revealed that Northern Ohio was/is the home of one of the lost tribes of Israel, That the ones who were known in the past as the Nephilim – Amorites became known as the Mound Builders who created the Serpent Mound and the Newark Earthworks as well as thousands of other mounds here in Ohio, NY, and PA intermingled into the North American Iroquois Indian Tribe, the fact of what I just revealed was proven in the late 1990’s!, well that should bring A LOT of tourist attention to this area!

“Only those who have learned to live on the land where the waters run pure… will find sanctuary. Go to where the eagles fly, to where the wolf roams, to where the bear lives. Here you will find life because they will always go to where the water is pure and the air can be breathed. Live where the trees, the lungs of this earth, purify the air. Go to where the trees give, from their breath to you, the cleansing and the purity, to where they protect you from the plagues… Snow is the great purifier. Go to where the blanket of snow heals. Learn to live in these places. You will live through the changes…There is a time coming, beyond the weather. The veil between the physical and the spiritual world is thinning; it is coming back to life…” – Iroquois Confederacy

Why is Ohio the place with the most frequent UFO sightings in America? Is there anything special with that area making it such a large center for the incoming Anunnaki/Sirians? Why not some sparsely populated mountain ridge somewhere in a very remote area?

Well, there is actually a good reason why the incoming chose Ohio, and we are going to go into that now.

They Were Beings of Huge Stature

We know from the Bible; we know from Sitichin’s work, and we know from my own papers, that a lot of genetic experimentation and manipulation was taking place here on Earth. Around 500,000 years ago, this planet was taken over by Sirian forces, who later on replaced the slave workers of their own kind with a new species that they created in laboratories by mixing their own DNA with existing species already living here on Earth. That eventually turned into Homo sapiens, or Homo sapiens sapiens, which is us.

But there was another genetic line that was created here as well, which resulted in beings who, according to Lord ENLIL, contaminated the whole Experiment. At one time, Pleiadian Giants, so-called ‘Fallen Angels’, descended to Earth and mated with human females, whom they considered irresistible. So, in laboratories they mixed their own Giant genes with that of humans, Sirians, and even Aryans (from Orion), and the offspring became Giants, the infamous ‘Nephilim’. They could reach from 6.5 ft to nearly 15 ft in height, and were the ones who built many of the incredible stone formations all over the world; including some of the pyramids.

According to the Bible, they all drowned in the Flood, but my own research is showing that some of these Giants survived the Deluge and continued to spread over the world, and once again became ‘Men of Renown’. We also know that Lord ENLIL was furious when he found out that species whom he thought were extinct due to the Flood had been saved by his stepbrother, ENKI. One of these species was the Pleiadian Experiment, the Nephilim!

However, there was allegedly a compromise made — perhaps we could call it a treaty — where it was decided that if the Nephilim should be allowed to survive, their DNA needed to be altered to lower their stature. So, in that sense, over generations most of the Giants actually became extinct, as these beings now had more human-like offspring. Indeed, with time, it became nearly impossible to tell who was of the Nephilim and who was a ‘normal’ Homo sapiens. Although, I should add, there are still a few Giants alive on this planet, but they are currently residing underground. The Nephilim I am talking about are walking around among us, and no one can tell by just looking at them.

Interestingly enough, the spokesman for the secret society, ‘The Priory of Sion’, Nicolas Haywood, has started to come out in public, revealing some of their inner secrets. The Priory of Sion was mentioned in the book, ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’ in relation to the Jesus and Mary Magdalene bloodline. Michael Lee Hill has had the opportunity to talk to him as well, and Haywood indeed confirmed to Michael that the Jesus and Mary Magdalene bloodline is the Nephilim hybrid bloodline, that goes all the way back to the Anunnaki, as he put it. Michael found it interesting that Haywood mentioned the Anunnaki in this regard. In relation to my own research, I can both confirm and dismiss this, depending on what we mean by the Anunnaki. Most people who use this term for the ancient visitors are taking it from Sitchin’s work. Sitchin says that it means ‘those whom to Earth from Heaven came’, and that includes more than one species.

Now, there is supposedly one way to tell whether a person is of the Nephilim hybrid bloodline or not, and that is to draw their blood and check the CK level. The Nephilim have a sky high level of Creatine Kinase in their blood!

Sound familiar? In these papers, we are thus far aware of two people with a sky high amount of CK; Terrell Copeland and Michael Lee Hill!

Wes Penre Stated “Michael has had it verified by a number of ‘people in the know’ that he indeed is of the Nephilim bloodline, and he is quite sure himself that this is the case, because it seems to explain a lot of things for him.”

In other words, what Zimmerman exposes in his book and talks about in his lectures, built on his own vast and assuring research on the Nephilim subject, is that they migrated to America and to the Ohio Valley area from all parts of the world, and settled down there but guess where, that is about to be revealed in a moment, hang on !. Due to this migration, we can assume that there are a lot of Nephilim hybrids in the Ohio Valley area.

Probably, the main reason why the Sirians have the perhaps largest underground base in Ohio is because the Nephilim bloodline moved there. Since the Giants of old are being in liaison with the Ša.AM.i, this could explain why the incoming Sirians have chosen the Lake Erie area as their largest underground base. The Nephilim bloodline is important to the Sirians, even if it wasn’t always that way, and this must also be the reason why Michael was born a Nephilim hybrid. For some reason, Michael needs to be of the Nephilim bloodline in order to perform his task. – Wes Penre


The Nephilim In The Ohio Valley! – Anunnaki/Human “Hybrids” in Ancient North American Indian Tribes!

The Iroquois people have inhabited the areas of Ontario and upstate New York for well over 4,000 years.

Technically speaking, “Iroquois” refers to a language rather than a particular tribe. In fact, the IROQUOIS consisted of five tribes prior to European colonization. Their society serves as an outstanding example of political and military organization, complex lifestyle, and an elevated role of women.

Until the 1500s, the five tribes of the Iroquois devoted much energy toward fighting and killing each other. According to ORAL TRADITION, it was about this time that they came to their senses and united into a powerful confederation.

The five tribes designed quite an elaborate political system. This included a bicameral (two-house) legislature, much like the British Parliament and modern U.S. Congress. The representatives, or SACHEMS, from the SENECA and MOHAWK tribes met in one house and those of the ONEIDA and CAYUGA met in the other. The ONONDAGA sachems broke ties and had the power to veto decisions made by the others. There was an unwritten constitution that described these proceedings at least as early as 1590. Such a complex political arrangement was unknown in Europe at that time.

According to Iroquois legend, a son born of a virgin mother carved a canoe from a block of white granite and, traveling the shores of Lake Ontario, convinced five feuding tribes to lay down their arms and join together as the Iroquois Confederacy. The boat’s ability to float was proof to the chieftains that the youth was a divine messenger. Native wisdom, they explain, counsels that “the notion of failure is always a fiction, a false self-judgment” and that “on the path of the Wisdomkeeper, there’s only the closing of one possibility and the opening of infinite others.”

Iroquois Indian are the remnants of the mound Builders who are the Remnants of the Lost Tribes of Israel….

The Nephilim!

The Reality of a new unknown human DNA tracing back Ancient Times can no longer be questioned, it is real folks!

What I want to share is that I am the Anunnaki’s appointed messenger/Prophet Enki here in these human clothes, Let me share some historical knowledge that I have been given by them to share to begin our conversation and is about to be released to humanity. 

What I really want to share with you is what I just learned about my Hometown of Eastlake Ohio, the exact same place of Mass UFO Activity going back hundreds of years,,,,
America’s largest Earth Mound complex & pyramids was right here in Eastlake Ohio and this is the location of the first “Mound Builder” culture in the world!
What I am about to reveal is the landing place… The “Promised land”  of one of the “Lost Nations/Tribes of Isreal” is Eastlake Ohio!
And it was destroyed in the past and a school now sit’s on that land.

This ancient structure would have matched in importance of other now famous Ohio Earth Works like the famous Serpent Mound in Western Ohio.

What a serious loss and it pisses me off that we destroyed these beautiful Earth Mounds that encoded so much information that is now lost forever.

Seventeenth Century French explorers and missionaries in what is now Ohio wrote of an absence of native peoples in the lands near the Cuyahoga River. The only Indians they knew of in the region between 1650-1730 were Iroquois hunting parties. Theories have long circulated as to what happened to the Whittlesey people whose artifacts date to as late as 1650. Some theory on the end of people indigenous to Northeast Ohio implicates the Iroquois. Other theory does not. While there are many ideas as to what happened to the Northeast Ohio natives, this study will describe the four that I think are the most convincing.

The first theory revolves around the so-called Indian Beaver Wars. Iroquois power peaked in about 1700. The Iroquois confederacy derived much of its material wealth and influence from fur-trapping and trading the pelts to the British, Dutch and to a lesser extent, French.. The Iroquois were always on the lookout for new territories in which to hunt beaver for their desirable fur. The Iroquois and indigenous Ohio Indians battled over fur hunting territories from around 1650 to around 1700. The Iroquois attacked weaker nations and usually won. European contact had vastly altered life among the six Iroquois nations, the Seneca, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga, Mohawk and Tuscarora, transforming them into commercial fur trappers. This level of trapping depleted animals valued for their fur in the Iroquois’ New York homelands. The Jesuit Relation group of missionary documents from New France relayed Iroquois people as saying that their travels revealed a stone age indigenous population near the Cuyahoga River that knew neither guns nor Europeans. Iroquois people allegedly stated that they planned to make war on these newly discovered people, and easily wipe them out with their modern arsenal of weapons.

Whether or not the Whittlesey were the victims of a specific Iroquois campaign, archaeologists believe that Whittlesey society which was traditional, non-hierarchal and patriarchal would have had a difficult time adjusting to the arrival of Europeans and the shifting Native alliances that ensued. A best-case scenario is one of gradual out-migration of Whittlesey people to past points of contact with other people. The Whittlesey then would have been absorbed into other societies and ceased to be a distinct culture.

A third theory emphasizes that the isolated Whittlesey could not have survived diseases Europeans brought with them, and surely would have succumbed to illness. A fourth theory of Whittlesey disappearance entails some combination of the three just-mentioned theories. The Whittlesey could have been crushingly defeated by the Iroquois. Residual populations could have assimilated. Other survivors of war could have been wiped out by disease.

Whittlesey site: Eastlake, Ohio. Already in the 19th Century Charles Whittlesey knew of this artifact-rich site in Eastlake, Ohio. In 1888 Whittlesey described the site as on a river bluff 35 feet high. He observed earthen walls of about 660 feet in length.
This marker monument is all that remains at this historical mound site site now
Look at the map from Mapquest Of Eastlake Ohio, Take “Lost Nation” up until you dead end onto Rt. 283 (Lake Shore BLVD) and hang a right and look what street names you run into…..

Iroquois? Seneca? 

Cherokee (Iroquois Cousins)?

“Tioga is the Iroquois Indian name for Peaceful Valley”

Among other names….
Obviously somebody knew Eastlake Ohio was the home of one of the “Lost Nations” and the first establishment of the mound builders who then became the Iroquois! And recorded that knowledge into in our actual Eastlake street names long ago!
kinda mind blowing huh?

What I am telling you is I am in the process of revealing my own bloodline, one of the Lost Nations/Tribes of Israel, With Blood-work backed up by a Harvard Professor and Iroquois Bloodline heritage.

Interestingly I was recently asked by the History Channels “Ancient Aliens” star Chief Golden Light Eagle to Speak and attend a Gathering/Conference of all the Tribes Chiefs, Elders, and Grandmothers called the 2014 “The Star Knowledge Conference” as a ambassador of the Iroquois Indians and the Nephilim. Here is a photo of me & the Chief.
I recently (October 2014) performed ceremony at Mound Bottom Nashville Tennessee dawn at Fall Equinox at this ancient mound site led by Chief Golden Light Eagle with the Elders, Chiefs and Grandmothers of many Native American Indian Tribes.

Mound Bottom archeological site is part of Tennessee’s Harpeth River State Park. It is located about 30 miles west of Nashville near Kingston Springs. It is the sixth largest Mississippian mound in the United States and the largest in Tennessee. It was occupied between 900 and 1300 AD. Artifacts recovered from this site suggests that it was built by Siouan peoples from Cahokia, Illinois.

It consists of 14 mounds, a large plaza for ceremonial gatherings and a large platform mound facing East at the Spring Equinox.
The mound is located on a sharp bend on the Harpeth River. There was a palisade around the plaza and mound with two gates which allowed the rising sun at the Winter and Summer Solstices to shine on the mound. There also was an oval wall with a moat that was noted by early explorers. From above, this feature looks like an Ogee, the Mississippian symbol of a portal to other dimensions.

This site was suddenly abandoned around 1350 AD. The population at that time was about 17,000, more than the population of Cheatham County today.

There were no signs of an epidemic, major battle or mass migration. This is the same time period that the Anasazi disappeared from the four corners area and many of the Maya disappeared from the Yucatan.

Native American mystics say that this was due to sorcery at a time of extreme drought when the sorcerers promised to take the suffering people to the above world. Instead they were trapped in another dimension in the below world including women and innocent children. Ceremonies have been conducted creating a Merkaba to allow these souls to escape at Mound Bottom, the Four Corners area in Yucatan.

There was a ceremony at dawn at Fall Equinox at this site led by Chief Golden Light Eagle.

a slide show of our journey to the Mound….I created this video and these are mostly my pictures of the event….
That all just went down early October 2014, so it’s been a mind blowing ride the last couple of months!
I am working with many high profile people in the help of releasing this information to the world.
Stay Tuned
Michael Lee Hill
Ancient Anunnaki Technology