I was/am a member of a "Secret Space Program"

Here is what me and our secret behind the scenes Team formed by the NSA's AR Bordon (SECRET LOCKHEED MARTIN SKUNKWORKS REVERSE ENGINEERING DIVISION) were doing back in 2012 ;-)

AR Bordon was also known as Fifteen or 15 

I want to share some pretty crazy stuff I have never shared before, First let me reveal something mind blowing, I will tell you how we survived this event as a human race because myself and 6 others were a part of a secret NSA "Beta Team" mission hand selected by AR Bordon (Secret NSA - Lockheed Martin Skunk Works Reverse Engineering Division) to contact the incoming Anunnaki to help us through these events which happened in 2012 through the present.


 This was only one of the missions the "team" was tasked with, we also stopped the Transhumanists steering Hurricane Sandy right into New York back in 2012, and many do not know there was a Earthquake on the Left side of the United States of America during that same 2012 time frame called Earthquake Charlotte (Look it up) This Earthquake had created a 20 foot Tsunami heading straight for Hawaii, it was all over the Mass media news because they it knew it was heading for Hawaii some 3 or 4 hours before hand.

They had sounded a Tsunami warning on Hawaii and had everyone go to higher ground, all of this was on Live TV and they awaited for the 20 foot wall of water to Arrive with camera's waiting to show it to the world.
This 20 foot wall of water was very real, The water tsunami buoys do not lie.
yet no wall of water ever arrived.
I still have have my NSA tasking instructions for every mission including contacting the Anunnaki for help with Nibiru's future transit through our solar system.

AR Bordon communicated to our team that we would be given Tasking Instructions from the NSA on the best Weather data on Hurricane Sandy and Earthquake and Tsunami Charlotte.

AR Bordon said we realize you are not weatherman and these instructions and weather data will make no sense to you but all we need to do is have you place your eyes on it, read every word of it and take in every picture, the Anunnaki will be looking through your eyes and they will know what to do with this data, 

I will upload the first 3 pages of this NSA Tasking and Instructions on the 2012  Hurricane Sandy. There is 19 pages in total. as I said any researchers interested in obtaining the entire Tasking and Instructions document, contact me.

Our communications with the Anunnaki and our asking for their assistance during these 2012 Earth Changes missions were successful!

The strength of Hurricane Sandy and Tsunami Charlotte were reduced to almost nothing by the Anunnaki! 

I am making any of this available to any UFO researchers that are out there so spread the word to your favorite UFO researchers if you would be so kind to contact me, all they have to do is ask and I will share everything I have.
Let's do this disclosure thing together ;-)

One of the First things the team was tasked with was a message to the Anunnaki for help with our sun which we were told back in 2012 was going through energetic cycles, Solar Weather and solar flares what were off the charts, 

It was asked of the Anunnaki to make sure the Earth was not in the path of any of these solar flares, 

in 2013 the following was revealed to the world. 

Obviously the Anunnaki helped us because we are still here ;-) 

In the book of Revelations, there is a very strange sentence: “8:12 The fourth angel sounded, and one third of the sun was struck, and one third of the moon, and one third of the stars; so that one third of them would be darkened, and the day wouldn't shine for one third of it, and the night in the same way. “.
2013, One third of the Sun was struck?


Here is the info on the Earthquake Tsunami the team was tasked on helping with

Also expected to be arriving during this 2012 time frame was a Wave of Cosmic light they news had called a "Galactic Superwave"
This incoming wave was another of the missions the secret NSA "Beta Team" was tasked with regarding obtaining help from the Anunnaki to make this survivable for mankind.
From Nasa regarding this "Cosmic Superwave", the fact that we are even here is proof the Anunnaki are benevolent and are helping mankind more than everyone knows ;-)

This is also the exact same Wave of Light energy the Blue Avians we have been hearing so much about stating they have been stepping down an incoming wave of energy to help mankind acclimate to these higher energies?
Now ya know what is really going on.
Here was the main mission we were tasked with and explains the formation of the Team formed by AR bordon and the work we were originally tasked with.

"Now, LPG-C, the retired Quantum Physicists in southern California, are telling us that Ša.AM.e (Nibiru) is coming in much, much sooner than expected. I will give details about this in the Prophecy Paper very soon, but A.R. sent out an email to all members in his closed email group (in which I'm included), saying that actions are being taken to try to steer the planet slightly off course to prevent a catastrophe on Earth. They say that without alien intervention and their willingness to assist, it would be as bad as the Deluge, 13,500 years ago. They say it will still be bad, even in the best case scenario, unless we start doing something down here on Earth as well. We need to prove ourselves to those 'not from here', they say, showing we are capable of taking care of our own business. All this as a part of a bigger picture, where the Sirians (and other star races as well) supposedly are watching us to see if we are 'mature enough' to go from adolescence to adulthood, or if we still need our 'parents' (read the Sirians) to look after us. Therefore, LPG-C, beginning on September 17, 2012 started a series of precise spiritual exercises, involving a few members of the group. It's being 'supervised' by Dr. A.R. Bordon, chief scientist of LPG-C, being in direct conversation with the involved persons. After a certain amount of time, these meditating people will be exchanged for a group of others in a rotational pattern. These exercises are supposedly helping in steering Ša.AM.e (Nibiru) off course and save Earth. Those people involved in these sessions apparently also get to see that the Ša.AM.i (Anunnaki) are real, and not some made-up alien group." - Wes Penre

Source - http://wespenre.com/2/year-2012-looking-forward-a-deep-dive-into-current-et-situation.htm

I have been wondering if this Unifying Event could possibly be the Return of the Gods, and if it will happen in late 2012, but I have no way to tell. It could also be a few years into the future. Although, A.R. and LPG-C claim that Nibiru is returning in December this year (2012) and that he and a group of people are currently working to steer the planet off course by following the instructions in the two essays I gave the reader in the previous paper.
Here is a link to those two essays... http://www.scribd.com/doc/108674742/Extraordinary-Times-an-Epoch http://www.scribd.com/doc/146372301/Geometry-of-Actionable-Choicemaking
He, and one of the participants, which happens to be Michael Lee Hill, both say that they managed to steer Nibiru out of orbit with something like 1°, which sounds like nothing, but is fairly significant. Still, they say, it's not enough, and the work continues. Whether there is any validity to this or not, I will let the future tell." - Wes Penre

Source - http://wespenre.com/2/closing-of-the-nano-second.htm


From ( A.R. Bordon (Secret Lockheed Martin Skunkworks Reverse Engineering Division)
Thursday 10 July 2008

Dear Michael:

Thank you for your email today. I just received a copy of what you sent, and decided to reply with a letter directly to you. From where I’m sitting, I hear two Michaels speak out – the musical Michael, which is a musically inclined personna that’s gone through a musical evolution, and the private Michael, which is the one that’s gone through an awakening. Inside, both seem so closely tied that it may or may not be noticeable to you. In here, I’m going to answer to both, and hope that the real Michael (who is the blend of both worlds) understands the words I use in replying to your long note to us, and to me.

You know, these two Michaels have a distinct role to play in this whole crazy thing we are all participating in. I’ve wondered, and had asked Mr.X (Not his real name) more than once, just why is it that you came to us. He pointed out your reply to him when one of us asked whether or not you were sure about doing a concentration with us.

Mr. X and I will be your guides, once you get under way. What I am still trying to grasp is who the group is that is in touch with you, and why did they give you approval to work with us. There are several possibilities as possible answers to those questions. But we’ll save them for much later, at a time when the three of us are together somewhere, somewhen. I say these, as a kind of preface to you, because I am a wide eyed, curious, born-in-Missouri show-me kind of guy. But I also have enough gnosive experiences to know how it all works, why, and what the rules are. Gnosive is a word you’re going to hear and read often from now on, so you might as well get introduced to what it means.

Gnosive is a mode of getting information that uses all, every pore and cell of your body as one huge antenna that sets up interference with fields and fields and more fields not just in our space/time but also in other space/time ratios.

In saying all of this, please also be prepared to ditch and completely discard anything you might have learned about how the human body-mind really works, and expect to have your notions of reality, materiality, spirit, God, and What Is be severely challenged. Many rebel, but I don’t think you will…. Something tells me you won’t.

Gnosive IS our lifeline to anything and everything and everyone else – not just Earth human, but also to other forms of life in the universe. Know-how, knowings, and knowledge we have plenty to offer you. What you do with it is what I stand ready to be surprised and glad and awed.
I now know that all of us Earth humans are intricately woven into a connective tissue-like weave, much more than a network, and much more like a kind of overfunction – spokes to a grand wheel at the center of which is nothing and everything, because all of us together are It. This may sound like just another construction to support the Christian view of a Christ, but it is not. Come to find out, EVERY living form in our known universe (and from other space/time ratios) are organized like that. We’ve known this for over twenty years now, and keep learning how it all works, and why.

Then there are those who are not from here, some of whom are already on planet surface, some already living around where you live and elsewhere in the upper Midwest. They look like you and me, but you can tell they are not from here. The life forms with whom you are connected to and communicate with may well have “representative” or “crew members” already on the surface, in Ohio and other nearby states. This would not surprise me in the least; in fact, by what you described in your email, I would expect it. Let me then give you a capsule view of what we are about, what kind of science we practice, what I believe is the set of reasons ‘they’ sent you here to us, and what my vision is of why you are here.
About us.

Who We Are 

We are a germ that was planted in the soil of some minds back in the early ‘80s and germinated in some of us in the later years of that decade. The idea did not come from any of us, but rather from one of ‘them.’ From those small beginnings, we are now still a small group (50+) but we are independent of any organized worldview and control, and we are organized as a cooperative that operates by consensus of all its members. It is a handful to operate, but it keeps us out of the penetration and control of outside forces – if you know what I mean.

The principle is simple: some can be fooled all of the time, all can be fooled part of the time, but not all can be fooled all of the time. In the latter years of the decade of the 90s, we had prima-donnas and egomaniacs who wanted to be the stars, and it almost tore the whole group apart. But, fortunately, everyone saw things for what they were and decided as a group that we did not want that; we wanted all involved and participating according to individual plans and wishes. Our mission statement is simple: we are here to study what can be said about what Nature is and how she works. The story is continuing to evolve; the whole thing is a work in progress. But we are of one mind about the mission. And we accept help from wherever and whenever it comes, provided the interests and purposes of those sources of help are similar (consonant) to what we see to be the interests of the human race (and not just the controlling forces that now direct and control all significant aspects of our evolution, science, technology, etc.).

We have decided to be wide-eyed about things, especially about those who are not from here. We chose not be label them as aliens, ufonauts, and some of the other words often used to name them. We simple deal with what it, and what is (with the exception of one group) is that they are not from here.

Our Science

One of the things we discovered without intending to is that the universe and all other aspects of it is actually idiomaterial. Idiomaterial means that it is matter and thought and we can’t tell it apart. Life physics (which is what came out of this effort) literally leads us to seek explanations on causation, not just the unification of all forces of nature (as material or standard physics does). We use a means and method of going out of the body that is technologically supported and allows a person to do that on demand; we called it extension neurosensing (or ENS for short). The theory and technology was developed by some of us. This technology showed us that the world (universe), life (not only biological life but all other forms of life, even non biological ones), God (or what we discovered lays behind the ‘source’ of all energetics in what we came to call the Unum – everything that emanates and finds source at a T [or Thought]-boundary. This is not just a mathematical construction, but a ‘place’ one can see, some can even visit and survive it as form. And yes, it is a source of infinite love. We have learned much from it and about how Nature is and works in the last twenty or so years. We have also learned a lot about ourselves as individuals and as a species or biological kind (or simply biokind).

As you get started, your are going to be literally bombarded with a whole lot to read and absorb. This will go on for the better part of a year or so. You’ll be expected to write essays to explain what and how you are piecing together the new picture you develop of how things really work. The focus during this first year will be on how Nature works and how we human beings can master the use of what Nature offers us, and all those who are like us who already know much better and much more than us at present. We will encourage you to write well and often, and hope that some of the things you come up with are publishable.

Most of the other Research Fellows are doing just that now, some of whom have already published for all members of the LPG-C Group to read and comment on. You will then have the chance and opportunity to interact with them by phone and by messenger on what they said about what you wrote, and defend, modify and update your point of view. Most everything you read will go a long way toward helping you unlearn what you learned before and what you think you know about the subject(s). I’m here to tell you that not all is the way it’s cracked out to be. Fox Mulder, the famous FBI agent in The X-Files had a saying on his office wall that said, “The Truth is out there!” under the photo of a UFO. Well, we politely disagree and state categorically that “The Truth is everywhere!” and here you are going to learn to tap into the Truth that is due you by the effort and time you put in seeking it. One thing that you’ll discover as you move into this new realm of knowledge is that as you learn and evolve, you’ll reach new levels of knowing and know how, and that this comes with new responsibilities and patterns of thinking and behavior. The whole thing is really a kind of personal bootstrapping by the sweat of your brow and the mind that is married to your body.

We say superposed to your body, because they both coexist in the same space/time. And you’ll get to learn and use new languaging systems that involve much more than just words. An example of this you are already experiencing with your extraterrestrial contacts; you have a languaging system that allows you both to communicate with each other, both ways. Eventually, you’ll also experience things in the Unum itself, a realm of space/time ratios in which some of the spatial dimensions are enfolded and create initial problems to a neurosensor just beginning because it creates perceptual effects that are weird to the uninitiated and inexperienced. But that’s all right; with time, wisdom comes and from wisdom new and far more expanded understanding. In the same vein, you’ll also inevitably going to move to, and ultimately grasp and understand the need of something called topological thinking, which to most of us represents the next stage in mental development for the human race on Earth. And you’ll learn how to develop this in yourself, because you’ll need to in order to progress along a path you’ll also realize is there and open to you.
Ultimately, you’ll come to see that everything, literally, is physics – but not a physics that is exclusively material or exclusively noetic (thought), but both – in other words, idiomaterial. This is far beyond even subquantum physics.

You’ll come to see and realize that every cell, indeed, every elementary particle that makes your body particulate, is a black hole and a white hole at the same time, and that this merges everything you are made of with a vacuum (actually a plenum) that is full of energy that constitutes a literal ocean of it. The entire universe, which is but one of seven superdomains, is nothing but particles that emerge from and go back to this plenum in a kind of continuous, neverending Texas two-step dance. And you’ll also discover that there are millions of possible infinities which are intimately and forever connected to what to us is infinitesimal – smaller than the smallest piece of matter. So you’ll get to touch both infinity and the Planck limit – the boundary of the infinitesimal – during your journey with us. And you’ll realize that the human mind is far more powerful than humankind today even fathoms.

Why you Were Led To Us

AR shared the following with me regarding my being contacted by the ACIO:


“ACIO is a technology-handling and technology-R&D grouping with various foci. The part you are interested in is the LB or Labyrinth, which is what Neruda referred to as the place where those who are not from here worked as well. But careful, NOT all of them are SAMs (Anunnaki), there are other groups as well.” – AR Bordon

This is an interesting exercise for us, because we distinctly get it that it has to do with what your friends who are not from here want you to learn and evolve into. You see, right now, they see and sense your good heart and open, connected intention and life giving ways. You also have music in you, but not in the sense of just playing the guitar or composing songs. You see, to create matter, you need music – or more specifically, sounds. Not just any one sound, but specific sound frequencies in combination[13a]. You’ll also learn about this in the course of your concentration. And you’ll learn how to use them to light encode objects out of thin air.

Yes, what we spoke about before, As you said in your biography – synchronicity. And the synchronicities do not end there.

With you comes to all of us new roads, avenues and doors that you already opened for yourself. You’ve already crossed these doors. When these new doors you’ve already crossed become aware of your bootstrapping new self, new interest will arise in what you as part of all of us bring to the world. In that sense, the mission you set for yourself comes to pass, and with you as part of a far larger thing. This also translates into the entertainment as education aspect of this whole thing we are doing means. An act you learn to do and produce will speak a billion words. This will definitely get attention, and it is incontrovertible – you cannot argue with it. And the kind of music you may come to know and write and produce will be nothing like what exists today, because you’ll most likely learn to use the true Pythagorean scale, from which creation itself comes. Think also of the value of getting to know your flying friends by pressing the flesh, as it were. Don’t discount it. Maybe being here is what they hope you will use in getting to that point with them. There is a far larger issue, many new problems and immense opportunity all blended into one phenomenon in that. But this is one phenomenon we will have to participate in very carefully and very intelligently. We are not without contacts in this respect. And much, much more needs to yet be done in this area.

So welcome to the stage, brother. Life will never again be the same for you. Only you can determine and decide if what you’ve chosen was the right thing for you. I suspect strongly it is, but that is not for me to declare with strong emphasis. Funny, though, the stage onto which you’ve jumped in your vision or dream is not the only one where there is a small audience. This one too has an audience of a handful now. But, as the message to me was, Build it and they will come,” said, they will and they are coming. As all the other Research Fellows are finding out now, you too will realize that you’ll learn by teaching others what you develop, evolve into, and become.

Finally, and extremely telling by how you sign off, peace is the basis, the platform, from and through which most of what you’ll learn to become comes through. Without peace, you are quite right to say that fear reigns in the human heart and mind. And that we cannot allow to happen. Our own survival and thrive as a biokind rides on it.

At Peace,
A. R. Bor d on , Ph.D
Managing Scientist

The following is one of the first communications from AR Bordon to myself regarding my blood Anomaly issues revealed on the History Channels “UFO Hunters” show.

“Michael, It is not a complete surprise to any of us that you were a target of trickery, deceit, malfeasance, misuse, abuse, misinformation and disinformation. To top it all off, you’ve chosen a most public life that looks like it’s reflected back to you all of the fears embedded in the human soul from long ago. But, in between all of the horsepucky, you have been fed some manha. But you’ll have to figure out which is which, having chosen the road you are taking. As to your blood anomaly, don’t feel lonesome. There are others like you, people that don’t get sick very easily, who have factors and strange enzymes that look like nanoscience out of some pulp sci-fi novel. And who live very, very long lives, and can appear and disappear at will. No big deal. What is a big deal is what you do with the hand that has been dealt to you.

It is obvious you have gone on a testing spree of latent faculties and were mucked with to see what you’d do and how you’d react.

If someone wanted you dead, you’d be long gone. But that is not what this is about.

What this is about – for you and for all of the observers interested in your trek – is what’s between your ears and in that nervous system of yours fed by the blood others want. And what you are lacking is systematically useful information – about it, about yourself, about your descent, about your own biology, about the faculties you have experienced which have led you to fear and then to new realizations. Living a public life without boundaries and self-imposed limits is like being a candy store yourself and everyone wanting to have a lick at you for the taste (as this woman appeared to be the case, until she essentially cut a piece of your dick for the blood of it), for the experience and for the perceived value of the brand of candy you are.

The world knows now you have something in your blood that makes you different, even without you seriously knowing what it is. Or do you?

Do you know what it is that is so sought after as confirmation of descent?

If not, why not?

If yes, what are you going to do about it (the information)?

And when are you going to stop the world and get off it, like you would a bus, for a while, to take stock of the experiences and of the questions before you?

At Peace,
A. R. Bor d on , Ph.D
Managing Scientist

Below are the documents  “First Introduction letter from AR Bordon to Michael Lee Hill”, and “THE-LINK-EXTRATERRESTRIALS-IN-NEAR-EARTH-SPACE-AND-CONTACT-ON-THE-GROUND”, Download below!
“Letter To Michael” – PDF

I have learned since my affiliation with LPG-C that they indeed are working with the AIF (Anunnaki/Corteum) —the same force which is behind the Vedic scriptures. Also, for those who recall how I discussed the role of the character “Fifteen”, or “15”, who was the head of the (former) ultra-secret Labyrinth Group, working with the AIF (Anunnaki/Corteum), it may be of value to know that Dr. Bordon, just before he died, admitted to being this character—Fifteen. There should no longer be any doubt that the WingMakers are working with En.ki’s “Anunnaki” team.” – Wes Penre

I can add some confirmation of this news, AR shared the same info with me and I actually went on to do work with AR and the ACIO/labyrinth group through AR Bordon.

Within the ACIO, there are 14 distinct levels of security clearance. Those who are at level 12 and above are aware of the Corteum/Anunnaki Technology Transfer Program (TTP), and they, according to Dr. Neruda, are about 120 in number, and are primarily in India, Belgium, and the United States. There are only 7 who have level 14 clearance, and they are the Directors of Intelligence, Security, Research, Special Projects, Operations, Information Systems, and Communications.

These Directors report to the Executive Director, who is known simply as “Fifteen”, which is the unique classification that is reserved for the head of the ACIO. Fifteen, in the eyes of Dr. Neruda, is the most powerful human on the planet, and what I think he meant by “powerful” is that Fifteen is able to deploy technologies that are well in advance to any that our world’s governments have access to. However, Dr. Neruda portrayed Fifteen and his seven Directors as a benevolent force, not a hostile or controlling force.

The eight people who comprise this inner sanctum of the ACIO are in possession of radical technologies that have been part of the Corteum/Anunnaki TTP. However, there were also other extraterrestrial technologies that had been derived from recoveries of spacecraft or other alien artifacts, including various discoveries contained in ancient texts that had never been revealed before. All of this information and technology has been collected and developed within the ACIO scientific core – all of whom possess clearances of level 12 or higher.

This scientific core is called the Labyrinth Group, and consists of both men and women who have utilized the Corteum/Anunnaki intelligence accelerator technologies to their advantage, and have created a secret organization within the ACIO. When Dr. Neruda was explaining this to me, it got so complicated that I asked him if he could draw me a visual diagram of how all of these organizations worked.

The Labyrinth Group consists of all the personnel within the ACIO that qualify for levels 12, 13, and 14 clearance. Fifteen is the leader of this most secret organization. It was split from the ACIO to enable secrecy from the NSA and lower ranking members of the ACIO, which would facilitate the Labyrinth Group’s agenda to create its own applications of the Corteum/Anunnaki TTP. The Labyrinth Group is in possession of the pure technologies derived from the Corteum/Anunnaki TTP. It takes these technologies and dilutes them to the point where the ACIO or Special Projects Laboratory will sell them to private industry and government agencies, (which includes the military).

This secret organization is the most powerful organization on earth in Dr. Neruda’s opinion, but they do not choose to exercise their power in a way that makes them visible. Thus, their power is only discernible to their members. For about 40 years they have accumulated considerable wealth apart from the NSA’s oversight. They have managed to build their own security technologies that prevent detection from intelligence agencies like the CIA or MI5. They are, for all practical purposes, in total control of their agenda – perhaps this is what makes them a unique organization.

Dr. Neruda had a clearance of level 12 and was still kept from vital information that only the Director level was aware. And it was assumed that even Fifteen kept vital information from his Directors, though this was never a certainty. The symbol used by the Labyrinth Group is four concentric circles. Each circle representing a clearance level (12, 13, 14, 15), and each circle had a unique insight into the agenda of the Labyrinth Group, and its coordination with the Corteum/Anunnaki.

Fifteen was an enigma to everyone within the Labyrinth Group. He had been a physicist before he became the Executive Director of the ACIO. He was a renegade because he never interacted with the protocols and the political environment of academia. He operated outside of the institutions and was selected to be part of the ACIO because of his combination of brainpower, independence, and relative obscurity within scientific circles. He was one of the first to make contact with the Anunnaki and establish communication with them. The Corteum/Anunnaki essentially appointed Fifteen as their liaison to the ACIO, and Fifteen became the first to utilize the intelligence accelerator technologies that the Corteum/Anunnaki initially offered.

These technologies not only enhance cognitive abilities, memory, and higher order thinking skills, but also enhance the consciousness of the individual so that they can utilize the newly gained intelligence in a non-invasive manner. Meaning, they don’t exploit their intelligence for personal gain at the expense of others. This apparent increase in both Fifteen’s IQ and ethical consciousness caused him to create the Labyrinth Group in order to retain the pure-state technologies of the Corteum TTP from the NSA.

What technologies are released to the NSA are diluted forms of the pure-state technology, which are significantly less potent in their military and surveillance applications. What I expected to hear from Dr. Neruda was a secret organization of intelligent, evil elitists – individuals intent on exploitation and control. Why else would they want to hide beneath the cloak of such incredible secrecy?

The answer, according to Dr. Neruda, was surprising. The Labyrinth Group view themselves as the only group with sufficient intellect and technology to develop a specific form of time travel technology. They are essentially focused on this agenda because they desire to prevent future hostilities that they believe will occur unless this technology is developed. The Corteum/Anunnaki is assisting, but despite their considerable intellects, they have been unable to develop this technology.

What I’m about to tell you will seem impossible to believe, but again, I’m only reporting what my notes say based on my initial conversations with Dr. Neruda. He explained to me that there are as many as 12 different extraterrestrial races currently involved in the past, present, and future of earth and its destiny. The ACIO, because of its mission with the NSA, is the most knowledgeable group about the various agendas of these 12 alien races.

I am releasing what I believe to be some serious Extra Terrestrial Disclosure, Regarding proof of Reverse ET Engineering, Ancient Aliens/Wingmakers/Anunnaki.

William Birnes of the History Channel revealed in our recent interview that Colonel Philip Corso of “Day After Roswell” fame stated we almost went to war with Russia during JFK’s presidency and that conflict was settled because somehow, the USA gave the Russian Government the technology for the Russian Mig Fighter Jets Radar systems during our interview I will share below.

So the question then is who gave the Russian Government the US radar technology that Russia & the rest of the world were so far behind on?

Who was involved ya know?

Phazotron Research! and the Omnigon Corporation!

“Much of this was already known to us in the early 90s, several years before Jamisson Neruda let the cat out of the bag to a journalist named Sara. Moreover, as a linguist, Neruda’s direct contributions to the present effort have not extended beyond his initial exposition of the matter in his interviews with Sara and through the website subsequently set up to publicize the findings” – AR Bordon
Source: – http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/home/Frontpage/2007/12/25/02043.html

The following information come from www.Wingmakers.com

Sarah: “So what can you share with me that corroborates — even to a tiny degree — that the Labyrinth Group might exist?”

Dr. Neruda: “Nothing. There’s nothing you could do to trace things back to the Labyrinth Group. I can’t stress it enough. Our ways of filtering technologies into the private sector are extremely subtle.”

Sarah: “Okay, then. Just give me an example.”

Dr. Neruda: “The Labyrinth Group developed a computer system, which we call ZEMI. Part of the unique characteristics of ZEMI is that its information structure is based on a new form of mathematics for information storage, recombinant encryption, and data compression. It was a mathematics that provided quantum improvements in each of these areas. And we shared it with scientists involved in the design of the MiG-29.”

Dr. Neruda: “No, we never worked with governments directly. In this case, we worked with the Phazotron Research and Production Company in Moscow. We supplied them with an assortment of algorithms, which they in turn adapted for use within their information and fire control radar systems aboard the MiG-29.

“My own research into the reality of these claims my Dr. Neruda” – Michael Lee Hill

The aircraft is equipped with an information and fire control radar system comprising: an N-019 radar developed by Phazotron Research and Production Company, Moscow; an infrared search and track sensor; a laser rangefinder; and a helmet-mounted target designator. For longer-range air combat, the MiG-29 uses radar guidance for the R-27 missile.


Sarah: “Russia? Are you saying the Labyrinth Group works with the Russian government?”

Dr. Neruda: “No, we never worked with governments directly. In this case, we worked with the Phazotron Research and Production Company in Moscow. We supplied them with an assortment of algorithms, which they in turn adapted for use within their information and fire control radar systems aboard the MiG-29. These same algorithms were discovered by American interests and are now being adapted for use in broadband delivery systems for the global market.”

Sarah: “Who’s the American interest? Can you give me names?”

Dr. Neruda: “It’s not a well-known company, but they go under the name of Omnigon, based in San Diego.”

Sarah: “And Omnigon has this technology, which was originally developed by the Labyrinth Group for computer storage, and now they’re using it to build broadband delivery systems? In layperson’s terms, can you tell me what these networks will do?”

Side note – A Patent given to Omnigon Technologies…


Dr. Neruda: “Assuming they use this technology appropriately, it’ll enable Omnigon to embed a significant amount of functionality in the switches of the ATM network and not rely on server-side solutions, which will increase the speed and custom functionality of a network.”

Sarah: “By my definition, that wasn’t in layperson terms. But it doesn’t matter.

“Did the Labyrinth Group create this technology or reverse-engineer it from ET sources?”

Dr. Neruda: “A little of both, actually. They were created within the Labyrinth Group, but some of the initial thinking came from the Zetas, which was reverse-engineered from one of their spacecraft.”

Sarah: “How did the organization in Russia get this technology from the Labyrinth Group?”

Dr. Neruda: “Fifteen knew one of the senior scientists at Phazotron and presented him with the idea. It was a friendly gesture, which he believed would later be useful in recruiting this scientist. This method of sharing creates loyalty and it can be done in such a skillful way that the recipient of the idea can believe it was their idea and not simply given to them.”

Sarah: “But you must track these technologies or how else would you know it ended up in Omnigon’s hands?”

Dr. Neruda: “We have operatives from the intelligence community who feed us information. They’re essentially moles that live within the major government research labs and the military industrial complex. In this case, one of our operatives at General Dynamics brought this to our attention. We even use our Remote Viewing technology to track some of our more advanced technologies that we’ve placed within major syndicates.”

“A. R. Bordon is a retired itinerant scientist, traveling the roads of America in search of people talented in extended human functions. He is a former deputy director of a corporate research centre, former executive director of the American Association of Remote Viewers.”
Source – http://www.agoracosmopolitan.com/home/Frontpage/2007/12/25/02043.html

Dr. Neruda: 
Fifteen was approached by the Greys in his role at the ACIO, and they desired to provide a full-scale technology transfer program, but Fifteen turned them down. He had already established a TTP with the Corteum/Anunnaki, and felt that the Greys were too fractured organizationally to make good on their promises. Furthermore, the Corteum/Anunnaki technology was superior in most regards to the Greys — with the possible exception of the Greys’ memory implant and their genetic hybridization technologies.

However, Fifteen and the entire Labyrinth Group carefully considered an alliance with the Greys if for no other reason than to have direct communication with regard to their stated agenda. Fifteen liked to be in the know — so eventually we did establish an alliance, which consisted of a modest information exchange between us. We provided them with access to our information systems relative to genetic populations and their unique predisposition across a variety of criteria including mental, emotional, and physical behaviors; and they provided us with their genetic findings.

The Greys, and most extraterrestrials for that matter, communicate with humans exclusively through a form of telepathy, which we called suggestive telepathy because to us it seemed that the Greys communicated in a such a way that they were trying to lead a conversation to a particular end. In other words, they always had an agenda, and we were never certain if we were a pawn of their agenda or we arrived at conclusions that were indeed our own.

I think that’s why Fifteen didn’t trust the Greys. He felt they used communication to manipulate outcomes to their own best interest in favor of shared interests. And because of this lack of trust, Fifteen refused to form any alliance or TTP that was comprehensive or integral to our operations at either the ACIO or the Labyrinth Group.”

Sarah: “Did the Greys know of the existence of the Labyrinth Group?”

Dr. Neruda: “I don’t believe so. They were generally convinced that humans were not clever enough to cloak their agendas. Our analysis was that the Greys had invasive technologies that gave them a false sense of security as to their enemy’s weaknesses. And I’m not saying that we were enemies, but we never trusted them. And this they undoubtedly knew. They also knew that the ACIO had technologies and intellects that were superior to the mainstream human population, and they had a modicum of respect — perhaps even fear — of our abilities.

“However, we never showed them any of our pure-state technologies or engaged them in deep dialogues concerning cosmology or new physics. They were clearly interested in our information databases and this was their primary agenda with respect to the ACIO. Fifteen was the primary interface with the Greys because they sensed a comparable intellect in him. The Greys looked at Fifteen as the equivalent of our planet’s CEO.”

Sarah: “How did Fifteen become the leader of both the ACIO and the Labyrinth Group?”

Dr. Neruda: “He was the Director of Research in 1958 when the Corteum/Anunnaki first became known to the ACIO. In this position, he was the logical choice to assess their technology and determine its value to the ACIO. The Corteum/Anunnaki instantly took a liking to him, and one of Fifteen’s first decisions was to utilize the Corteum/Anunnaki intelligence accelerator technologies on himself.

I wanted to share a wonderful memory of a dear friend who recently passed away who was known by most people as Dr. AR Bordon or as “Fifteen” to some NSA Insiders.

Here is the only interview AR Bordon ever granted to the public regarding the ET subject from his own unique perspective from deep inside & above the NSA & Military Industrial Complex.

AR Bordon brings a remarkable insight into a wide variety of topics, including the human genome, secret societies, new physics, cosmology, extraterrestrial influence on earth, and the spiritual nature and purpose of humankind.

Ar Bordon’s gave UFO researcher Ed Komarek his permission to post this in order to clear up some misconceptions about him and give folks an idea of what he is about as best I can tell. He said it was accurate and concise.

Ar Bordon (pen name) is the most public individual node in a network of people who have had direct contact with various individual extraterrestrials and groups, both of a human nature and non-human nature. This exopolitical network, in which Ar is a part, has direct face to face and telepathic contact and communication with ETs but is independent of National military and intelligence groups. Its parallel is the emerging exopolitical community that is much larger, but mostly without the extensive direct access to extraterrestrials as does Ar’s network.

This network does liaison with the military and intelligence agencies involving issues of National Security when considered necessary.

The members of this exopolitical network have backgrounds with corporations, military and intelligence agencies, but the group works independently and negotiates as a loosely knit operation to identify and to understand the evolution, motives and agendas of a rather large number of extraterrestrial races and civilizations and their interactions with earth humankind.

These direct interactions include several types of humans that closely resemble us enough to interact with us on the street without us knowing who they are. Other types of humans we would recognize as different from us if met on the street. Types that are not human include several kinds of Greys, several types of beings with Reptilian ancestries and insect ancestries and others including machine intelligences, robots, etc.

The big picture is of a well-populated universe of space faring beings of very diverse nature, some who have taken an interest in Earth affairs for a number of reasons as it is profitable for them to interface with us out of self-interest and cooperative interest. End

“Now keep in mind that I have other friends and associates that like AR Bordon are embedded in networks of relationships that have been built up over a lifetime. This is how people like Clifford Stone and Charles Hall keep up with developments inside and outside of government.” – Ed Komarek

And I am blessed and honored he chose to do that interview with me, and I am honored to have had that opportunity and I am proud to have known AR and consider him a dear friend, Family in fact, a mentor to so many.

Here is that talk between AR Bordon and myself on Other World Radio.

You are missed my friend.

The work the AR Bordon "Beta Team" Secret Space Program" was brought up at the 2011 Link Conference 

What is the Link Conference?

"Greetings fellow community members. I felt that you might enjoy a detailed analysis of The Link Conference where up to 57 humans and members of 14 different Extraterrestrial Civilizations meet together for upto 7 days each year on an ET Mothership to discuss the process of Full Disclosure and our human rights as squatters on their planet. You would think that the agenda and proceedings of these critical meetings would get shared with humanity. But no, they want to sought this out all by themselves and deliver to us a done deal when they are ready." - AR Bordon  

I was given the "minutes" from the actual 2011 Link Conference by AR Bordon Himself! 

This a a rough draft that he got to me right after the Link 2011 Link Conference because he wanted me to have a copy so I know what was discussed. 

Little did I know I would be brought into a 7-Member beta group by AR Bordon in 2012 to address these issues brought up at the Link conference in 2011. 

I will release that document here, 

But please know all issues the Beta Team became involved with were discussed and spoken about at this conference back in 2011!

With out further delay...

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY - The 13th Annual Gathering of the Link Association - January 2011 Briefing!

Michael, Below please find capsule of what's so far written for the report on a subject you'll find interesting. This does not go out to the net. Not yet. Please.

(Note, this was written in 2011, AR Bordon gave me his permission to release this document back in 2012 to the world)

I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY - The 13th Annual Gathering of the Link association took place between Wednesday 5 January and Friday 14. January, 2011, at an undisclosed location in the southern hemisphere of the American continent. Present were all sitting members of the Link Gathering and 17 observers from 6 observer member biokinds. Present and attending from the Life PhysicsGroup – California were A. R. Bordon, Managing Scientist, Robert B.Solingen, Director of Research, and James T. Traveler, Exopolitical Constituencies and Human Memes.

Sitting members of the Link came from planets and (star systems): BH-5(Beta Hydris), MA-b (Mu Arae), UA-A/ua:c-d (Upsilon Andromedae), DhE-3X(Fomalhaut), HRE-2 (Gliese 86), CnC-c (55 Cancri), HD69830-c (HD69830)[Puppis Constellation], PhE-X (Pollux [twins]), 82E-5 (82 Eridani), 82E-4(82 Eridani), 83L-B/a (83 Leonis) Earth (Sol), and Sa.A.Mi (Nibiru). (Sol).Observer members came from Gliese 581-g, Gliese 581-f, GJ 1214b(OGLE-2005), PSR B1257+12 B (PSR), and two planets from the HD Iota Draconis b and 47 Ursae Majoris systems.

 By biokind/biotypes, those present were humanoids (16 different planetorigins), sauroid (eight different planet origins), hybridhumanoid/sauroid (2 different planet origins) and hybrid humanoid/crystalloids (2 different planet origins).

 In this Gathering, the Plenum (all members present) focused on several areas of common interests and several other topical areas of particular interest to specific biokind groups present. The general areas of common interest were:

 (1) meeting the challenge presented by the passing through aphelion of Sa.A.Mi./Nibiru and its effects on the inner solar system planets,

 (2) scientific/technologic measures taken to ameliorate the main- andside-effects of said passing through,

 (3) the episodic presence of the itinerant gravitational wavefront passing through the solar system in approximately 22 months, and

 (4) the petition of acceptance to the Linkage by the HumanOrg LinkageInsti-tute, as represented by A. R. Bordon before the Plenum, including the global issue of one-connectivity singular set (core or critical massof human beings on Earth aware, available and open to dealing with  upcoming events involv-ing extraterrestrial presence, catastrophic and natural-cause events related to the passage of Sa.A.Mi).

 Topical areas also dealt within grouping subsets of the present Plenumt otality included the following:

 (1) the Sa.A.Mi. contest for hegemony as an overall context for the SAM exercise of measured restraining of surface cadre, including access to communications and face-to-face negotiations with known and potential allies.

(2) Low-intensity conflicts between GovOrg memberships in favor of violent repression and extermination of all off-world membership on the surface and in near Earth space – Issues and useful contexts in which to opendi-alogue to manage and hopefully eliminate possible conflagrations due to official human xenophobic behavior and policies.

(3) Continuing need for expansion of population to resource planetarysites available in all star systems, including Earth (issues of [a]origin-biokind residence, [b] squatter’s rights by any other biokindpresently neither residing on nor originating from Earth, and [c]interbiokind frictions asso-ciated with these expansions. And,

(4) The relationships between onto bioenergetic (biokinds) and onto energetic life forms (without physical/biological body-forms) in exopolitical terms – an issue that is about to concern us directly (asthere are already onto bioenergetic groups as well as onto energetic forms vying for an alignment of Earth with any one of several such life forms.This was a topic of active, energetic participation by us and by those vying to establish client-relationships between us and them.The Gathering came to a close at approximately noon (Pacific Standard Time) (3:00 pm local time) on Friday 14 January, with membership dispersal following the closing ceremony. A grand reception was given by LPG-C afterthe closing ceremony, attended by all Plenum members and some of the Observer Members.--------

B. Scientific/technologic measures taken to ameliorate the main- and side-effects of said passing through

The chief measures devised, aligned and being taken currently a rescientific/technological steps to stabilizing the space medium by means of spacetime/subquantal (S/Sq) stabilizers that work like beacons/monoliths  emitting broadband signals as electrostatic/electromagnetic and gravitational fields designed to strengthen the gravitational balance of a planet’s orbit. These are multiple nodal networks of special matter designed and fashioned like Arthur C. Clark’s monoliths in the film version of his 2001 Space Odyssey. 

C-SPAN: Buzz Aldrin Reveals Existence of Monolith on Mars Moon:
Youtube Link 

These items are located along gravity pathways of all major astronomical objects up to the seventh planetary body from Sol. There are also nodes along all gravitational boundaries between astronomical objects (i.e., Laplace points or boundaries) to further strengthen the gravitational fields of the astronomical objects in question. While new in its use as stability promotion networks, they are said to have performed very well in the last passage some 3,532 years ago (Nibiru/Sa.A.Mi. estimate converted into Earth years). 

There is now available data to the inter group consortium managing the system network from each of the major astronomical bodies, including substantial correlatable data from the incoming planetary object to construct an energetic level-appropriate intervention medium which can sustain electrostatic exchanges between the incoming and the four major inner planets without any major gravitational disruptions in orbital pathways, planetary wobble,polar changes, and FTEs (flux transfer event). FTEs are burst of reconnection at the Earth’s magnetopause, i.e., the boundary between terrestrial magnetic field lines and the interplanetary magnetic field. FTEs can be observed either via their signatures (in the magnetic field and plasma distributions) or by the effect they have on the ionosphere (pulsed flows and poleward-moving auroral and radar features). An attempt at using a S/Sq stabilizer on Earth surface has failed to yield results similar to those in interplanetary space, and all attempts at directly affecting current and growing effects of interplanetary electrostatic and electro-gravitational interactions due to proximity effects between the incoming and Earth by means of said stabilizer have been abandoned. It appears that using such stabilizers on Earth surface have a reverse effect on the planetary eco- and weather systems. However, research on Earth continues along similar principles, but using other subquantal applications of electro gravito energetics (EGE) and mainline wormhole connector electroducts (MWCE). (Note of Editor [Tongue-in-cheek]:Nikola, where are you when we need you most?) Some, but not all, of these applications make use of available HAARP and other generative EGEs in conjunction with the Earth’s MWCE. All of these campaigns involve Link Plenum  members, who have been sufficiently forthcoming in informing us oftheir existence and results. This issue is also interwoven with the expected gravitational wavefront to pass through the solar system in approximately 22 months from now. It is expected that there will be time/space and space/time effects in ratios in which our solar system exists.

Thus, it is not altogether out of the question to consider that the effects of such a passage may affect all current ameliorative efforts by an effect known as “edit history.” Theoretical and experimental work continues on Earth with regards to cloaking as a means of looking at the edit history of an object. The idea is to create a tunnel through which an object could perform an action – move or change shape, for example – while appearing as though it is doing nothing at all. The intent is to see if the entire planet could be phase shifted onto a parallel timeline to a timeline position after the passage while preserving configurations of desirable activities and technologies in relation to the original objective of said activities and technologies. This is not unlike the effect achieved in the Philadelphia port object translation of a large object (war ship), but on a much more ratio (time/space) encompassing than that achieved by Townsend Brown et al. See Part III for more.----------C. Episodic presence of the itinerant gravitational wavefront passing through the solar system in approximately 22 months.

The current forecast is in the 22 months range. That is, it is expected that the solar system would sustain the passage of an itinerantgravitational wavefront generated by a supernova explosion in the (find source for this) some light-years ago, find source for this as well).This is where things get interesting. A gravity wave is a different sort of animal, as it is not electromagnetic in nature, and does depend upon dark energy for its sustenance and does involve time in a most unexpected of ways.

In the American culture, to speak of time is to imply money and the making of money. In this itinerant gravity wavefront phenomenon, to speak of time is really to speak of sub-quantal energetics in the form of dark energy. This is the inhomogeneous vacuum energy that Vyacheslav Lukich Dyatlovspoke about so ably before our group (LPG-C) over a decade ago. We already knew that gravity is not an electromagnetic force, that the graviton is but a mere assumption, virtual photon carry no gravitational charge, and electromagnetic fields have no gravitational mass. This then leads to the consideration of an isomorphism that holds the gravitational equivalent of a photon, which we on Earth have already dubbed it as the graviphoton. Our Link counterparts have something similar to this, which made discourse quite easy. All of this here is necessary as preview to an understanding of the potential disruptions that could be caused by the itinerant wavefront.

One of the best ways to conceptualize effects of such itinerant wave front moving through solar system space time (which is to say, Earth spacetime also), is to conceptualize it as a wave of a force that expresses motion in both subquantal and spacetime space/time and time/space ratios. When an object moves in spacetime of three dimensions and one dimension of time, we are told the same object causes a forward parting of the subquantal vacuum and leaves a wake behind – a track of discernible turbulence left throughout homogeneous and inhomogeneous vacuum media. Strangely enough,we are told (and we ourselves find gnosive evidence that) matter in space can be both matter and antimatter, depending upon the gravitational lensing we use in observing it. This does not directly play a role in the range of effects we can anticipate from this itinerant wavefront moving through our spacetime/vacuum solar system medium, but it does affect the aftermath of what remains once it creates a wake in passage. (The figureto the right is from an animation of a gravity wave series super imposed ona SPC photo series, and is only a visual aid, not a real wavefront.) In other words, we may at minimum find ourselves reliving moments before the passage as though it never happened before but with us experiencing it as déjà vu. At maximum, the passage may literally induce a sufficiently severe wake such that our medium is momentarily cloaked (as in goneoff-phase) from the rest of our local solar system space/time ratio(internally, this would be much like the “day of the Lord”where-in/when-in time stops completely, such that the Earth/solar system would seem to go through a tunnel and come out at the other end hopefully on the same timeline as when it entered the wake. The operative word here is hopefully. Civilization-III members of the Link Plenum and observer groups have reported in previous annual Gatherings experiences, theirs and those of others known to them, with other like-kind itinerant wavefronts generated by the collapse of stars as supernovae, and the collapse ofblack holes into singularities. Thus, it seems to us from these report sthat this type of as-tronomical seeming anomaly is much more normal that we have heretofore realized here on Earth. See Part III for more on this.


STATEMENT Made by A. R. BORDON Before the Link Plenum on 10 January 2011

I come to you today with a petition in hand. The petition is for Observer Membership at this Link Table for the Linkage Institute International – an initiative of the Life Physics Group – California. There are three members of the Life Physics Group here today – Robert, James, and I. By our initiative, people on Earth are beginning to gather in a group now named the Linkage Institute, using the term linkage as a byword of the process we here and now continue to undergo between all of us, each from different world, every year now for nearly twenty years. Today, now, think of the start of this initiative as a small grain of sand in the vast six billion and more specks of human lives now inhabiting the Earth. With every year, the numbers of members of this Linkage Institute will grow, as words gets out that there is a way to make one’s voice count in our dialogue with all of you. In doing so, we will also uphold and respect the sanctity of Life – sanctity in the meaning of its completeness and wholeness.

As a Linkage Institute, we shall uphold Life by seeking and actively pursuing membership of the Institute to be a 3-percent of the growing total of the population of Earth. We do so to achieve the indexing of the whole of humankind to a system of resonant harmonic unity that is the stage of evolvement necessary for all life forms now at the stage we find ourselves in, in accordance to the physics of life which you have taught us. We seek this indexing of the whole by its 3-percent so we may become a One-Org, which is the present centerpiece and imperative of humankind on Earth – a mandate to the people of Earth who may then speak with one will and one mind before the people of the universe Unum. By this, we recognize Life as It Is.

Robert, James and I – as Members of the Link and as founding members of the Linkage Institute – come before you to ask you to consider this petition. Humankind comes before you, knocking at your door to be let in to sit at your table. Human are yet not a unison in voice and will. We argue here that it will, given more time, and that Life on Earth in human form shall prevail and overcome all vicissitudes and barriers to its harmonic resonance with itself and all life in the universe Unum, for it is written in all of our sacred books and already inscribed in each human heart and mind on all peoples of Earth. Mind our words here and remember them for, as prophecy, we shall fulfill it as spoken here.

What is humankind who comes before you today? Let me speak on our behalf.WHAT AND WHO IS HUMANKIND OF EARTH

We humankind of Earth are a biological kind, much like most of us present here now. We are not client of anyone, nor do we seek clientage from anyone present here or present in the space of the star system to which the planet we are now on belongs. We, members of the Linkage Institute of Earth, seek to come to you as observers to learn and to respectfully be heard. As you already know, we yet do not carry the voice of three percent of our human biokind, but we aim to carry this voice in the future. It is our solemn pledge that we shall, one day, speak as the three percent for the plenum majority of humans not aligned to or belonging in official organizations, which we henceforth know, recognize as, and call official-orgs, government-orgs, or simply gov-orgs. When we speak of these, we speak of those organs constituted as governments or as corporate entities protected by governments. The opposite of these types of associations on Earth are the nongovernmental organizations.

In the parlance of those of us on Earth who have followed the growth and proliferation of nongovernmental organizations since the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, NGOs, their abbreviation in English, have come into being and into play in our common sourcing of assistance to those of us in need on Earth.

We, as Linkage Institute, also do not belong to and do not participate in corporate entities for funding or sustenance, nor do we have any kind of direct or indirect relationship with any Bretton Woods Institutions (known on my planet today as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

 Let it be known here and forever that, on Earth, the Linkage Institute is also not a part of, beholden to, or in any way, directly or indirectly, associated with the United Nations. 

We must also make clear that, as the Linkage Institute, we are not in any technology transfer, economic assistance, information exchange, or any other kind of clientage arrangement with any member of the Link Plenum or Plenum Observers, do not come before you seeking any such relationship, and wish only to sup up to the table as rightful member of an assembly of life not native to the Earth, which now exist on Earth space and now exerts influence on the affairs of the people, governments, and nongovernmental organizations of Earth.

This, which I spoke of just now, is what we are not. Now, to what we are.

One state of mind we are and represent fully is that of Life in the life form we are as a biokind. We are Life undeniably.

It matters little to us whether a God of our mentation created us, whether those who from heaven to Earth came purposefully panspermed us as new information on our planet now lets us know, or whether we are the product of an evolvement from RNA-DNA which somehow (now matters not how) reached the surface of the Earth we know, inhabit, and own. The fact of the matter is: We Are!

If we claim history as to how we got here, we were once squatters in what now is ours. This is no longer a matter for debate, and a fact you must come to recognize because it is a fact you must also come to grips with. We are undeniable.

You may deny us Observer Membership on this body, and you can deny us longevity and even life. But should you deny us membership now, somehow, somewhere else, somewhen, we will come up and come out again as living biokind, life forms sentient and aware and undeniably connected to each other and a creative force that course through us as it courses through each of you. We may even do so on this planet once again, as we have done so several times before.

The creative force that course through us as it courses through each of you we know and call it God, indivisible and En Pluribus Unum, one in many, for we believe It contains us all as it also contains each of you, whether or not you believe it so. We now know that wisdom without longevity is illogical to our evolvement and progress as a singular biokind, and we are redressing the error made by our progenitors, those whom we know came to Earth to mine its riches and who are our ancestral roots, the founders of our biokind. We know and remember in our cells and in the marrow of our bones their act of creation. We also know and understand the circumstances engendered amongst themselves by their perceived needs. We remember that, too, and while we forgive it now, we also remember it and will not forget. And so we moved onward, to a future only we can craft for ourselves.


In pursuit of this future, we come here before you to say to you, “Let us in, for we rightfully belong here.”

What say you, one and all?

We ask for an answer with all respect due to brothers and sisters made by the same creator. We stand here to hear your concerns and questions about our preparedness, as we know you have them and expect to hear them from each of you.

We respectfully await them, and you.

Thank you for your attention.

At Peace,
A. R. Bor d on , Ph.D
Managing Scientist

Pentagon Secret UFO program (Bigelow Aerospace) confirming ET presence on Earth and the Michael Lee Hill & Lake Erie UFO’s connection!!!

After my work with the NSA back in 2012, during that same time frame I was approached by the United States Secret Pentagon UFO Program which funded 22 Million Dollars to Bigelow Aerospace.   The Bigelow Aerospace Investigator told me they knew I was in contact with the real thing. 

The Bigelow Aerospace Investigator (Pentagon Secret UFO Program) told Michael that they knew what the Lake Erie phenomenon is, because it is the exact thing that is happening in Hessdalen, Norway. But not only there; these objects were also flying over Utah Skinwalker Ranch, which is owned by Robert Bigelow! He said that his conclusion regarding these orbs is not that they are what people think and expect, which would be ‘physical metal, nuts & bolts UFOs’, as he put it, but instead more like portals and have to do with time travel. These were Hernandez’ own words, according to Michael Lee Hill. – writer Wes Penre

Bigelow Aerospace confirming ET presence on Earth and the Michael Lee Hill connection! !!

Excerpt from CBS 60 minutes on May 28, 2017. Bigelow Aerospace Founder admitting on National TV that there is and has been an ET presence on Earth.

I try to give credit & names of each source, the actual person the info came from at the end paragraphs that apply, so if you begin wondering why I am writing about myself in 3rd person so just hang on until the end of the info please. I have never written about myself EVER in 3-rd person so if my name comes up it’s not me 

“Whatever this is, it’s far more complex than we ever anticipated” Col. John Alexander

“The dimensions of physics are such that I would be quite surprised that in the lifetime of people who are no older than 30 here, we don’t discover some form of life in another universe. -Bill Clinton 2005

“People have been killed. People have been hurt. It’s more than observational kind of data.” Bob Bigelow, following shortly after physicist Stephen Hawking’s warning to avoid the alien extraterrestrials at all cost

“Persons wanting to report UFO/unexplained phenomena activity should contact a UFO/ unexplained phenomena reporting data collection center, such as Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies.” FAA advises Air Traffic Controllers

“Mr. Bigelow did not fund MUFON’s work for BAASS, instead “sponsors” that Bigelow revealed to John Schuessler but not to the other MUFON Board Members put up the money.” James Carrion Former Director of MUFON

“…Mr. Bigelow hired Mufon to try and capture a UFO on the ground so he can back engineering it to transport people in space…This is the truth and no exaggeration!” Denise M. Stoner, Chief Investigator Florida – Mufon State Section Director


The following recent article is interesting because regardless of peoples personal opinions regarding my ET Contact, parts of my story such as being contacted by the Pentagon Secret UFO Program-Bigelow Aerospace, the owners of the now famous Skinwalker Ranch are now being confirmed by the UFO Community and being reported by the likes of the famous “Filer’s Files”. In this new Filer’s Files. It is proven Gary Hernandez did work for Bigelow Aerospace and he’s exactly who I said he was. I find it strange there are people out there thinking I am making this stuff up. I couldn’t make this stuff up if a tried.

“Michael Lee Hill has made some extraordinary claims on many Ufology blogs, web community pages and TV shows but one is very interesting and somewhat plausible. He claims that in 2010 an investigator for Bigelow Aerospace Corporation named Gary Gary Hernandez contacted him concerning his orb sightings requesting that Michael divulge the coordinates of his orb sighting locations. A search of Linkedin.com reveals that indeed a Gary Gary Hernandez with an extensive law enforcement background did work for Bigelow as an investigator on “Classified Projects” from 2010 till 2011. The point of all this is that we have a billionaire aerospace tycoon apparently interested in the coordinates in the Lake Erie Orange Orb sightings. If they are just airplanes like MUFON says – why? If Michael Lee Hill is a charlatan – why?” – Robert Spearing, publisher of http://www.worldufowatch.com (Filer’s Files December 3, 2014)

If the claim is true it casts Orange Orbs in a whole new light. Robert Bigelow is a billionaire real estate developer from Nevada that made his fortune with his hotel chain holdings. His aerospace company has launched two modules for the International Space Station. He sees a future for his company in space tourism. Mr. Bigelow also has an interest in UFOs. It stems from childhood when his grandparents were almost killed in their car evading an Orange Orb in their path. His now defunct National Institute for Discovery Science collected UFO sightings (especially Black Triangle sightings) until 2004.  In 2009, Mr. Bigelow entered into a much maligned and ill-fated financial partnership with MUFON (a non-profit) which quickly came undone. Mr. Bigelow also owns the infamous Skinwalker Ranch which is a hot bed of cattle mutilations and Orange Orb sightings. And an even more telling fact is that the Federal Aviation Administration now defers UFO sightings by pilots to Bigelow Aerospace. The point of all this is that we have a billionaire aerospace tycoon apparently interested in the coordinates in the Lake Erie Orange Orb sightings. If they are just airplanes like MUFON says – why? If Michael Lee Hill is a charlatan – why? – – Robert Spearing, publisher of http://www.worldufowatch.com (Filer’s Files December 3, 2014)

Thanks to Robert Spearing, publisher of www.worldufowatch.com

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The following information regarding Bigelows involvement in the Lake Erie UFO’s was revealed by writer Wes Penre

BAASS means ‘Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies’, and sounds like a government organization. However, it is not. It is a company, owned by real estate billionaire Robert Bigelow of Las Vegas, Nevada.[12] In late 2009, Robert Bigelow made a deal with MUFON (the ‘Mutual UFOs Network), which is officially a non-profit organization which investigates UFO sightings. It is one of the largest and oldest UFO organizations in the United States. Bigelow has promised to provide MUFON with whatever they need to find actual hardcore proof of the existence of alien spacecraft (and of course, alien beings). This means, foremost, alien debris of crashed UFOs etc. For many UFO enthusiasts, this is met with both positive and negative responses. Positive in the sense that MUFON now have the funding they need to expand their investigations, and negative in the sense that some feel that MUFON is now owned by Bigelow. And MUFON has been working as an independent research group, allegedly.

However, the above debate is probably not even what is the most relevant. In a policy from the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, Order JO 7110.65U with effective date, February 9, 2012, it says under Section 8. Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) Reports:

9-8-1. GENERAL

a. Persons wanting to report UFO/unexplained phenomena activity should contact a UFO/ unexplained phenomena reporting data collection center, such as Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS) (voice: 1-877-979-7444 or e-mail: Reporting@baass.org), the National UFO Reporting Center, etc.

b. If concern is expressed that life or property might be endangered, report the activity to the local law enforcement department.[13]

This should be quite concerning for the serious UFO enthusiast and researcher, because it shows a definite link between Robert Bigelow’s BAASS and the Federal Government. So the FAA, as of February 2012, wants us to report UFO sightings to a private company, under the disguise of a very government sounding name (similar to the ‘Federal Reserve’, which is not Federal at all, but privately owned by International bankers, such as the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers). And of course, if we follow the trail, we find MUFON on the other side, collecting funds from Bigelow, who has his government connection. So, privacy and integrity is therefore most likely to go out the window, although I’m sure MUFON hasn’t been working in public interest for many, many years. This is all, as usual, just the tiniest tip of the iceberg.

So, how does Robert Bigelow come into the picture in regards to the Eastlake UFOs?

which is the story line for this paper?

Well, in the midst of all happenings in Michael Lee Hill’s life, he was contacted by Investigator Gary Hernandez, who said he was looking into the Lake Erie phenomenon. In August of 2010, Hernandez sent a message on Michael’s facebook page, inquiring about what Michael knew about the Eastlake UFOs. In short, they communicated some back and forth, and Michael was sharing some information with the investigator, because he wanted the story to come out in the open as much, and as soon as possible.

In November, curiously enough, Investigator Hernandez, in a facebook message I have in my possession, told Michael there were certain things he couldn’t tell him due to the nature of a contract Hernandez had signed. He added, “I don’t want to disappear now!”, indicating that he was at great risk if he told Michael about classified things. A few days after that he wrote: “In regards to BAASS I am the only investigator who has been revealed through the Isles of Capri, Fla., Niagara Falls, Canada , the Lake Erie incident and the skin walker ranch .org website [Wes’ emphasis] under who's [sic] involved (it just so happened that I was an aggresive [sic] investigator and was written about often). If the report is viewed by the screeners I will be identified. I would like to speak about it but we must keep BAASS out of it for it is a keyword in the system.”

Apparently, Hernandez wanted to keep the Skinwalker Ranch in low profile as well, breaking up the web address in several parts (see bold emphasis above). We will discuss that place a little bit as well in a moment, but first, let’s see what he meant when he was telling Michael about being the ‘aggressive investigator’. Let’s back up a little bit.

Eugene Ehrlikh of Cleveland, Ohio, had filmed some UFOs over Lake Erie, and the media got involved in the case, just like it had with Michael Lee Hill. So MUFON thought they should get involved as well, and sent an investigator named Tom Wertmen to the sighting spot. MUFON’s conclusion over what they saw was planet Venus, but they changed their minds saying that what Ehrlikh had filmed was aircraft coming in and out over Lake Erie from Hopkins-Cleveland International Airport. Investigator Wertmen allegedly had spoken to traffic controllers at the airport, but no references or names were disclosed. This event has been documented by Lon Strickler on his blogspot.

MSNBC contacted the FAA and all local Cleveland Airports who said These objects are not in normal flight paths, that none of these objects were anything they were doing and these objects were not showing up on any of the airports radar as well!

Here is that MSNBC News Clip…

Strickler continues to report that both Ehrlikh and Hill simultaneously had filmed the same UFO event over the lake, without any knowledge of each other. Both were then presenting their material on ‘The Alien Agenda’ radio show. A few days later, on April 8, 2010, Ehrlikh was called by someone who introduced himself as an investigator from BAASS, something which was later confirmed as being correct. The caller introduced himself, and although Strickler doesn’t mention him by name, the investigator was Gary Hernandez. Hernandez then demanded that Ehrlikh gave him the exact coordinates where the sighting had taken place, and when Ehrlikh started questioning the caller, Hernandez told him that these lights were not of terrestrial origin, but alien, and that there was big money involved in trying to get this technology. Ehrlikh then hung up the phone. Ehrlikh didn’t have any particular problem, allegedly, to talk to MUFON or some other UFO investigative organization, but like Strickler says, when someone calls, beings quite ‘aggressive’, and demanding information from the witness, it is indeed time to question the motives of the caller.

So, Hernandez is calling both Ehrlikh and Hill to investigate the sighting, and he reveals to the first that this is alien technology that we are seeing in the skies above the lake (and if he is correct, in other parts of the world, too), and that there is a lot of money invested in this. And indeed, although he seems to have had more cold feet when talking to Michael, in the beginning of their communication he hinted at the same thing, saying (and I quote): “In Regards to the Lights over Lake Erie I am not absolutely convinced that they are coming from conventional aircraft. As an investigator I must be completely objective with any UFO reports which has had multiple witnesses. BAASS employees are paid professionals, all the investigators are formal Law enforcement detectives who have a higher level set of skills and experience. MUFON Takes anyone who pays the money and passes the test and works for free. That does not make them a credible source for information for me to except [sic] they’re [sic] conclusion.”

However, as time went by and he apparently got more confident with Michael, he told Michael that they knew what the Lake Erie phenomenon is, because it is the exact thing that is happening in Hessdalen, Norway. But not only there; these object were also flying over Utah Skinwalker Ranch, which is owned by Robert Bigelow! He said that his conclusion regarding these orbs is not that they are what people think and expect, which would be ‘physical metal, nuts & bolts UFOs’, as he put it, but instead more like portals and have to do with time travel. These were Hernandez’ own words, according to Michael Lee Hill. – writer Wes Penre

“In Regards to the Lights over Lake Erie I am not absolutely convinced that they are coming from conventional aircraft. As an investigator I must be completely objective with any UFO reports which has had multiple witnesses. BAASS employees are paid professionals, all the investigators are formal Law enforcement detectives who have a higher level set of skills and experience. MUFON Takes anyone who pays the money and passes the test and works for free. That does not make them a credible source for information for me to except they’re conclusion.” – Gary Hernandez Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies Investigator

UFOs have been appearing in our skies for thousands of years.

But now something new is happening. It is the “Orb Triangle” phenomena.

Orbs of light in a triangle formation are appearing above cities all over the world.

These lights are not airplanes, helicopters, or RC planes. Nor are they balloons with lights, flares, Chinese lanterns, or any sort of freely floating object.

This is clear because they always form a perfect triangle. They are individual “orbs” of light which can and do move independently. Yet often three of them will move into a triangular formation. Other individual orbs will somtimes accompany the triangle.

The Orb Triangles have appeared above New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, El Paso…

To start with, wouldn’t it be nice to know how much the government know about these Orbs of Light UFOs that they often are so quick at explaining away as military experiments, illusions, chinese lanterns, flares, etc?

In fact, we do know a few things about how much the government knows! First of all, we know that they are aware of that the Lake Erie UFO orb phenomenon is not local for the Great Lake, and secondly, we know that they have been hiding their knowledge about these kinds of UFOs from the public for quite a long time.

How do we know that? We know, because in 2006, the British ‘Ministry of Defence’ (MOD) released some classified UFO files to the public, which can be viewed here:

The British ‘Ministry of Defence’ (MOD)


When we open up the link, the best thing we are perhaps expecting to find is some general UFO document that doesn’t say much, just like it usually is when the government releases information of this nature. However, when opening up the first PDF file, the image hits us right in the face; it’s the exact same orbs that have been sighted, photographed and filmed over Lake Erie!


So the phenomenon is not isolated only to the Great Lakes! And moreover, we can see that there has been a big cover-up in the United States regarding the orbs over Lake Erie, where so-called ‘experts’ have expressed their ‘informed’ opinions about that this can be, when in fact, their knowledge on the subject was there all the time. Instead, they try to make reliable witnesses look like fools.

In the MOD report it says, amongst a lot of other things that are indeed noteworthy:

“That Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP or UFO) Exist is indisputable. Credited with the ability to hover, land, take off, accelerate to astonishing velocities and vanish. They can reportedly alter their direction of flight suddenly and clearly can exhibit aerodynamics characteristics well beyond those of any known aircraft or missile – either manned or unmanned.

The Conditions for the initial formation and sustaining of what are apparently buoyant charged masses (of Plasma), which can form, separate, merge, hover, climb, dive, and accelerate are not completely understood.

Dependent on a color’s temperature and aerosol density, it may be seen visually, either by it self generated plasma color, by reflected light, or silhouette by light blockage and background contrast.

Occasionally and perhaps exceptionally, it seems a field with, undetermined characteristics can exist between certain charged buoyant objects in loose formation, the intervening space between them forms an area, viewed as a shape, often Triangular, from which the reflection of light does not occur. This is a key finding in the attribution of what have frequently been called black “Craft”, often triangular and up to hundreds of feet in length. – The UK Ministry of Defence”

This report is interesting in many ways. Although these lights show up clearly in many videos now posted on YouTube, I wanted to ask Michael Lee Hill how he would describe them. He told me:

“They are beautiful! Imagine a house sized ball of Light/plasma that is pulsating with what seems like the brightest most intense multidimensional colors I have ever seen. They usually appear as a single Orb. Then sometimes that Orb will “divide”, or another 2nd Orb will appear next to the first. Sometimes a third Orb will appear and then all three Orbs will join into a huge triangle formation and create what seems to be one solid Triangular craft. Amazingly enough, the UK Ministry of Defense actually has detailed the behavior of these Lake Erie Orbs of Plasma/Light perfectly!” – Michael Lee Hill

Hessdalen is a central Norwegian small village located in a 9.3 miles (15km) long valley. We find it approximately 75 miles south of a larger Norweigian city, Trondheim. Normally, it would have been quite an insignificant little village, with only 120 people living there, and few people in the world would have known it even existed. However, Hessdalen has been quite well known internationally for occasional occurrences of a “sometimes ominous luminous phenomena called the ‘Hessdalen Lights’. The phenomena is monitored by the ‘Hessdalen AMS [Automatic Measurement Station, editor’s note]

These unusual lights have been reported in Hessdalen since at least back in the 1940s. However, there was a great increase in these sightings over the period of December 1981 until the summer of 1984, when people could apparently see the lights as often as 15-20 times a week. Then the amount of sightings decreased again to a relatively steady amount of 10-20 sightings a year, in average.

The light people see is often bright white or yellow (compare the Eastlake UFOs) and of unknown origin to the villagers and scientists. These lights are “standing or floating above the ground level.”[3] And these are not just flashing lights; they can be seen, sometimes for hours at the time!

Due to the increased sightings in the early 1980s, a research team nick-named ‘Project Hessdalen'[5] was initiated by Dr. Erling Strand in 1983. In 1988, the ‘Hessdalen AMS’, which basically is a research station, was built in the valley. It registers and records the appearance of these lights. Later, the EMBLA program was initiated. It brings together established scientists and students into researching these lights. Leading research institutions are Østfold University College (Norway) and the Italian National Research Council.[4] So it’s obvious that these lights can’t be easily explained. In fact, these research institutions, after almost 30 years of steady research, have no clear idea of what these lights are. In Wikipedia, it gives us a number of bullet points, showing us what some scientists are guessing that it is. However, none of these explanations includes that the lights has some kind of higher consciousness, which is quite apparent to anyone who has ever seen them. Nothing artificial can make loops and patterns like that. There are those who would object and say that nothing we know of could make patterns like that, but the thing is that anyone who is objective to start with will see that these lights are moving around by consciousness. I haven’t watches them on site, but it’s enough to watch them on videos to be able to tell.

One of the remarks a professor does is “where is the power cord; where is the fuel?” And he is nailing it down right to the point; these lights are not moving around with assistance from any known energy source, at least not to mainstream science.

The video presentation, ‘The Portal’ (Multimedia A-3 above) is a 47 minutes long video, filled with very reliable eye witnesses that have all seen similar things. The light phenomena are changing speed, indicating no mass by physical means, and “seems to be able to take on pieces of plasma or energy from the ground while passing by”.[6] The same thing has been reported regarding the Eastlake UFOs. ‘The Portal’ continues the presentation by saying, “The phenomenon seems to radiate energy, due to the light and frequent change of color”.[7] But also, some eye witnesses have, in connection with the sightings, felt the foul smell of sulphur. Apparently, in 2004 the scientists detected the light phenomenon several times, directly above a specific sulphur mine outside the village. “So this mine must be very special”, says one of the interviewed locals of Hessdalen.[8] Although these lights have been seen hovering above the sulphur mine, it’s just another theory, they add. The lights do not follow any fixed pattern, and certainly don’t always hover over sulphur mines.

Figure A-11. The Light Phenomenon over Hessdalen in 2007, around the time of the aurora borealis (snapshot from ‘The Portal’). The exposure time in this photo was 30 sec, and according to the Hessdalen researchers, the best photo ever taken of this phenomenon.

A spectral study has been done as well of the phenomenon, and it’s been shown to contain oxygen, nitrogen, and silica, which in reality means air and dust. But there were also traces of the rare element of scandium, which can only be found in Scandinavia! Scandium is an extremely hard substance which can be found in the production of Soviet hydroplanes. This material is strong enough to cut through ice caps![9] The same material was used in Soviet fighters (and perhaps still is?) The Soviets had developed high-strength weldable aluminum alloys using Scandium. Now, that is interesting, because it’s exactly what has been reported in the Eastlake UFO sightings! Eye witnesses have sometimes heard, sometimes seen (or both), how the UFOs have cut through the ice cap, making a massive sound. The Norwegian research team has now, as mentioned above, expanded their staff to include college students and others, because they need much more manpower to go to the bottom with this interesting phenomenon. It should be mentioned for research purposes that this phenomenon has also been observed in combination with the aurora borealis, starting out around 9:30 in the evening (fig. A-11).

What we’re seeing in the picture is the light starting out with the glowing orb to the left, moving all the way to the right, and back all the way to the left, past the start point. The distance between the far left and far right is estimated to be 10-15km, which is about 5-7 miles. The exposure time from the camera was 30 seconds. What surprises the scientists is when they look at the spectrum at the bottom (made on purpose by the camera lens) it’s continuous over the spectra, from red to violet. The way the spectrum shows up indicates there is no gas or fuel that’s running the ‘engine’ (if any), but it certainly looks like it could be a solid object, they say, or from plasma with high density, or molecular chemical compositions.

At the same time, the phenomenon is registered on radar. The interesting thing with the radar readings is that the object was only seen for a few minutes, but on the radar it registered for 4 hours!

A scientist that’s interviewed in the video is quite curious about the phenomenon, because it acts like a ball of fire, but it doesn’t expand, and in the combustion process, it should expand according to today’s scientific norms. So something must be able to hold that ball of fire together, he says, like a magnetic field; like a plasmoid; a magnetic field that ‘traps’ plasma and keeps it inside the volume of the orb. They are therefore looking for the mechanism that stores the energy, and why this power source is so incredibly powerful in its intensity. And what’s really curious about it is that the orb can keep this plasma trapped and in a powerful density over a long duration of time. This is mainly what the scientists are now trying to find the solution to. The scientist in the interviews ends off on a positive note, saying that this mysterious way of storing energy could be something we humans may be able to use in the future instead of petrol (gas), and nuclear power. He thinks there may be in the atmosphere, a natural storing mechanism not yet understood by science. Can this become the energy source of the future? they speculate.

The idea of extracting energy from thin air (or vacuum), is not new. Already in the 1920s, Nikola Tesla had discovered enormous energy potentials in what he called the ‘flux field’, or the ‘vacuum field’, by some scientists called the ‘plenum’ (in other words, the 96% dark matter and energy, which in alien term is called the ‘KHAA’, meaning ‘breath’). Today, we hear about this as ‘Zero-Point-Energy’. At this point, the narrator in the video says, there is no known way to extract this kind of energy, but suggests that this may be what we are seeing over Hessdalen; someone, or something is able to do just that, and whatever it is, it’s showing us that it’s doing it!

Lastly, the film producer is elaborating on that this could potentially be even bigger than that. Is Hessdalen perhaps a portal to another world, or another reality?

So, what is known so far about the pulsating orbs of light UFOs showing up worldwide? The following is the conclusions from over 25 years of research and after Italian SETI scientists got involved with much more sophisticated equipment:

The phenomenon is identified as a bright flying object with special characteristics making it unique to science.

The phenomenon is more complex and diverse than expected, indicating more than 1 single kind of phenomenon.

The phenomenon is sometimes made up of separate units that may depart and fly away.

The speed varies from still to 8km per second.

The phenomenon changes course in speeds indicating no mass by physical means.

The phenomenon seems to be able to take on pieces of plasma or energy from the ground whilst passing by.

The phenomenon seems to radiate energy due to the light and frequency change of colour.

Many interesting spectra in the optical and radio frequency range have been detected but more data is needed to draw proper conclusions.

These scientific data are quite sensational! We are dealing with a real existing phenomenon which can be observed even though this is difficult.

For a layman it would be convenient to brush these phenomena off as atmospheric balls of light, which do exist and is an atmospheric phenomenon, and therefore moving back and forth on some atmospheric ‘current’, but this is not logical when we observe how the orbs move and the typical, precise formations they are taking. It’s easy to see that it’s not random, and therefore most likely is something controlled by some perhaps higher intelligence.

Listen to what Army Colonel John Alexander says about the conclusion that the Bigelow Skinwalker group have come to regarding who is behind the Skinwalker Ranch phenomenon and the Lake Erie UFO’s?

The Trickster (The Anunnaki)

The Trickster = In mythology, and in the study of folklore and religion, a trickster is a god, goddess, spirit, man, woman, or anthropomorphic animal who exhibits a great degree of intellect or secret knowledge and uses it to play tricks or otherwise disobey normal rules and conventional behavior.

Retired Army Colonel John Alexander was part of a group researchers and scientists who investigated reports of cattle mutilations and other strange occurrence at Skinwalker Ranch. The ranch is located southeast of Ballard, Utah, and was previously known as the Sherman Ranch. For years stories of cattle mutilations, sightings of UFOs, orbs and bigfoot, among other paranormal events, have been reported on the ranch. Dr. John Alexander, a retired U.S. Army Colonel and a leading advocate for the development of non-lethal weapons faces Stanton Friedman, the original civilian investigator of the Roswell incident in this heated debate. Moderated by Danny Sheehan, this deliberation quickly became a hot ticket during the 2011 International UFO Congress.