Lost Civilizations documentary on haplogroup X-2a DNA - Revealing of the Lost Tribe!

You have heard me speak on the Nephilim bloodline (Haplogroup X2a), my Bloodline which intermingled into the Native American First Nations.

 Hear from the leaders from today's science on what they have found regarding Haplogroup X2a which was only discovered in 1998!

 Geneticist Deborah A. Bolnick PhD of the University of Texas at Austin successfully sequenced DNA directly from 21 sets of remains of the ancient Hopewell people which had been archaeologically procured. Her findings, published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology 137:14-29, 2008, in an article titled Using Ancient mtDNA to Reconstruct the Population History of Northeastern North America, verified haplogroup X in the ancient Hopewell Civilization in North America.

 Haplogroup X2a only exists in 3 places on Planet Earth throughout human history.

 1. Most recent in time - Present - Haplogroup X2a exists in at least 3% of today's Native American Indian Tribes, this percentage can be much higher because of the simple fact that most Native American Indians have not had there blood/DNA tested.

 2. In our recent Past - Haplogroup X2a was also found in the tall skeletal remains(Giants) found in North America's Ancient "Mound Builder" sites.

 3. In the distant past the highest concentration of Haplogroup X2a was found in "The Hills Of Galilee" region in northern Israel.

 As I was stating Haplogroup X2a is the "Holy Grail" Bloodline, A Lost Tribe of Israel!