Michael Lee Hill - Cosmic Space Opera - Remastered!

This video is important and close to me in many ways. It chronicles my communication with the Anunnaki both Spiritually, Visually and Musically.

My Communication with the Anunnaki ended up involving Crop Circles, I had a fascination with Crop Circles for a very long time and had viewed some documentaries on the subject so when the Anunnaki met me face to face in 2008 and communicated to me that they were once known as the Anunnaki and that I was once known as Ea-Enki, The Water Bearer, I asked them for confirmation.

In early 2009 I had asked them to encode the name Ea-Enki into a crop circle saying if you are who you say you are and I am who you say I am, encode the names Ea-Enki into a crop Circle and I would be sure to take notice My 2nd thought was what a silly request 😉 I imagined a huge crop circle with the name Enki written in it, what the heck was that going to prove? But then I thought if you are who you say you are you will figure it out and then I got cocky, I said while your at it, encode it also with something only I would be able to decode.

Please know that when I met the Anunnaki in 2008, there was no Ancient Aliens on TV, I didn’t even know what a Anunnaki was so them telling me I was once known as Ea-Enki made no sense to me at all.

So I sat back and waited for my Magic Ea-Enki encoded crop circle to arrive.

After 2 years of waiting, in 2011 a crop circle in Italy showed up encoding the names Ea-Enki into a 7-Pointed Star Crop Circle and they also encoded it in something I would only be able to decode, I was guided and tutored by the Anunnaki to understand the relationship of the 7-Pointed Star inside the Ea-Enki Crop Circle to the 432 Hz subject and eventually the 51.428 connection that they also had been guiding me into.

Somebody is trying to tell us something. If I had to guess, it's to show that 432 Hz = energy!

The revealing of the Divine Arc of the Covenant!

Thank you to my beloved Sarah Eau for helping me research all of this!

The first 2018 Crop Circle featured in this video is the June 4th 2018 Enki 7-Pointed Star Crop Circle which encodes the revelation!

This is the first Crop Circle featured in my Remastered collection you are listening to and hopefully watching. .

This June 2018 UK Crop Circle features 14 Mayan Calendar Baktun Symbols.

What is a Baktun you ask?

A baktun is 20 katun cycles of the ancient Maya Long Count Calendar. It contains 144,000 days.

So one Baktun = 144,000 days

So I learned first off that the Mayan Calendar ends after the 13th Baktun. This is because the 14th Baktun marks the entry into the next processional cycle being the Age of Aquarius

The 14th Baktun is actually the 1st Baktun of the Age Of Aquarius thus no 14th Baktun.

So I thought if the 14 Baktun marks the end of the Mayan Calendar and the entry into the Age of Aquarius the thought occurred to me...

What is 144,000 × 14?

144,000 × 14 = 2016000

Or 2016!

This made my heart rejoice because Spirit had revealed this to me a few years back that 2016 was the true end date of the Mayan Calendar and this confirmation set the tone for the rest of the night.

We have officially entered the Age Of Aquarius  

OK, now on the good stuff~

The second Crop Circle Featured here the most important communication from myself and the Anunnaki who collaborated on this piece if Galactic artwork.

It showed up in the UK right beside Earth Latitude line of 51.428 which is called St Michael's ley line.

Google it

This 7 pointed star symbol featured in this late season 2018 crop circle is also known as the SEAL OF THE SEVEN ARCH ANGELS which St. Michael was a member of. 

360 dived by seven is 51.428 😉

So the 51.428 arc is forever tied to the 7-Pointed Star and Seven Pointed star crop circles are showing up around earths Latitude line of 51.428 which is also named St. Michael's ley line???

WTF right?

St. Michael was also known as Enki.

It's all pretty mind blowing!

Now try to take all that Knowledge in while you fly all around these two crop circle's it in 4K while listening to my Cosmic Space opera music recently remastered.

Michael Lee Hill - Ea - Rainbow Warrior Eagle