New Anunnaki Documentary 2019 - They Look Human and They Are Still Here!

The Anunnaki were an advanced civilization who traveled distances to mine gold, according to many researchers, this was in order to save their planet. Some of the people in this documentary are in direct contact with these beings, some also claim they are still here and running the world from behind the scenes. Is a powerful group preparing us to help us process the truth about our ancient past.

We also take a look at the Waring factions of the Anunnaki and the ongoing mission to oust the malevolent Anunnaki who reside in positions of power through various alliances with other self serving forces. Remember, Anunnaki means those who came from Heaven to Earth. Some operated under Universal Law and were in service to Creation others were self-serving taking advantage of primitive people. There were many attempts to colonize Earth and many Star Nations were involved.

"I am honored to be a part of this ground breaking documentary" - Michael Lee Hill - Ea - Rainbow warrior