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What’s the effect of 432 Hz energy have on liquid?
The Sacred Geometry contained in the 432 Hz image re-structures the water revitalizing and energizing it, turning dead municipal tap water back into holy LIVING water!
Now Confirmed by NASA Scientist!
Using CYMATIC TECHNOLOGY, these sacred geometries manifest into 2D from the power of sound waves alone!
Using these specific harmonic frequency-infused products for your home, office and personal space will ensure that you’re always protected from any outside negative energies or influences. It also aids meditation for better mind and body wellness.
USE THESE Beautiful creations FOR...
Never been seen before Water Restructuring properties!
Energy Healing & Protection
Chakra Alignment
Meditation Enhancement
Attract Abundance
Amplify Manifestation Ability
These 432 infused products encode a lot of information and they are very powerful energy tools for clearing negative thought-forms and energy healing.
Michael Lee Hill - Ea - Rainbow Warrior Eagle


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